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Video Transcript:
in today's video we'll be talking about jump shot timing stability grades we'll be using five different bases that has different grades of stability ranging from a all the way to F and please give this video to a thousand likes if you want to see more testing on jump shot attribute grades Now by 2k's definition your stability grades are there to help you dampen the effects of fatigue and defense on your shot speed so the question becomes that exactly how much shot speed though per grade and because we're 2K laps we can figure that out for you so we'll be using our premium jumper tool to figure out the green window of each base with testing that has the different stability grades so we're going to start with carmelo who has an a grade not to make percentages are great but don't focus on that here we just want to focus on the shot speed and the milliseconds at which the green window was located so for Mellow is 615 all the way to 640. using this tool to figure out this timing is important because now we know how much fatigue and defense will shift it so we're gonna also add in exam as the other base and once again you can see his uh timing his make percentages and all the cool stuff will also add in Harrison Barnes so our premium tool allows you you to compare multiple bases like this but once again we're going to focus on timings and not so much to make percentages even though that's really good information but we're going to focus on how much contest and fatigue will move the green window timing of these bases anywhere you can use this tool for yourself and also figure out the green Windows desk of different bases in the game plus also green Windows types of releases come to sign up for premium and you can use code YouTube right now for a discount so let's begin with Melo who has a shot timing stability grade and we know if it's green window shooting open is 611 all the way to 640 milliseconds however if he has no stamina that gets pushed back to 651 to 676 and if a shot is contested it gets speed up to 531 to 550. so overall with this a grade when it comes to short-timing stability you can see his green window range then becomes 531 to 676 if he's either shooting no stamina or contested compared to open so let's compare mellow's a grade to nawaba's F stability grade you can see his open green window 641 to 660 but then his no stand becomes 741 770 and can test it he gets rushed to 531 to 550 combining together to give him an F stability range of 531 all the way to 770 which is huge compared to Mellows now bear with me here we got three more grays to go but I'm gonna have to show you these numbers so the conclusion at the end makes sense and here we have Hernan Gomez base which is a d stability grade his green window is 611 to 640 you can see his no stem and contested numbers there and combined together it gives him a d stability range of 551 to 740 still much worse than mellow but a little bit better than a Waba and the Exxon base has a C sharp timing stability grade and you can pretty much see a trend now where the higher your stability grade goes like the punctuations or the shot speed change between your nose Dam and contested it's just a little bit less worse they're still bad they still move but there's not nearly as bad like exome has a c grade as stability range is 556 to 710 compared to his open green window and here you have the pawn space who has a b shot timing stability grade and once again the trend is continuing where his numbers are just better than the lower grades and if you compare everything together here you have Melo who has a and then you have the rest and you can see the ranges if you look at a and F huge difference right like metal is 531 to 676 that's its range for contest and low stamp and if you look at F it's like 531 to 740 so the effects are definitely there it does Trend that way it's pretty consistent and that's what our recommendation with this definitely you need timing stability grade to be pretty high if you're guard right because if you're shooting a lot of shots where you're possibly low stamina blinking there's no amp batch this year so this will help but most importantly if you're taking contested shots which gods often do the higher the level of competition the more likely you'll be contest student can test the shots if you're a guard you're gonna need this but if you're a wing or you're just a person who shoots a lot of catch and shoot open shots you can pretty much punt on timing stability if you and if you know you're not shooting a high volume of shots that requires you to either be shooting low stamps sometimes or be contested consistently you don't really need timing stability so that's our recommendation to you and as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out if you're interested in using the premium tool which I've demonstrated to you today which is very helpful we do put a lot of work in that so it'll mean a lot if you guys consider subscribing or trying to use the premium tool on our website so look forward to speak to you guys again very soon