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Speed with Ball vs Speed vs Acceleration 2k24

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome to 2K lab today we're going to talk speed speed with ball acceleration what they do and how they work so then we can give you a base of knowledge you can use to make the best build possible for yourself and these physical attributes are especially important this year because a lot of badges are now gated by them and definitely watch this video closely because some of these got surprising results and if you like to see more detailed stats on badges jump shots and my player tools to help you with your build make sure to go to all year long so let's begin with speed player on the left has 25 while player on the right has 99 and as you can see the speed attribute has no effects on your speed when you're dribbling the ball I know that sounds crazy but that's the game mechanic now speed however will help you off the ball so here you can see 99 speed completely outruns the player with minimum speed but maybe most importantly this year speed helps you turn and run faster you can see the higher speed player here turn and just go right back so this is going to be huge for offense and getting back on defense so with speed done let's take a look at acceleration here you can see the higher acceleration player gets to the half cour line quicker but the big question is by how much and when does acceleration kick in so let's take a look at this in detail Max acceleration player goes from dribble launch to his first bound 10% faster now if we're counting from first bound to Second bounce he's still 10% faster compared to the player with minimum acceleration but after the first two bounces acceleration will no longer have an effect because that's when speed with ball comes in so overall acceleration is there to help you be faster with the ball on your dribble launch and your first two dribbles and honestly a 10% boost between 99 and 25 is actually a huge deal in the context of 2K now but the key thing of to understand with acceleration is that it doesn't help you go faster without the ball here you can see it's the exact same speed even though the acceleration difference is huge if you don't have the ball acceleration won't help you and that logic also applies to turning around and running so if you don't have the ball acceleration is not going to help you be faster and lastly speed with ball here you can see the higher speed with ball player gets to the half court line quicker now these players have the same acceleration so off the dribble launch and the first two dribbles they remain at the same speed but from the second bounce onwards you can see speed with ball kick in and the 99 rated player ends up being 13% faster in this case here so there you have it and you would like to see more buil attributes test content like this from us just add a like to the video and we'll make more of these for you all year long and as always make sure to go to our website at to check out more tips tours and stats and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon