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NBA 2K24 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Build

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video I'm going to be showing you guys my insane 66 Inside Out playmaker build which has been an absolute Menace on both ends of the core the gameplay has been pretty nuts and I've been enjoying it so far so be sure to subscribe if you're new and let's get right into it [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] I hope you guys enjoyed the gameplay but I've been loving this build and as a taller point guard at six six I feel like this build really clears a lot of the best thresholds to be super effective now that perimeter threat build I posted a little while ago is still one of my favorite builds but this one here is a little more suitable as a true point guard especially in the wreck now I'm gonna go through the entire build and tell you why I went for certain thresholds and also give you guys some advice on how to customize this build to lower or hire some things for your play style so be sure to watch the whole video so you don't miss anything starting off for our template we have a point guard 66 at a minimum weight of 180 pounds with a wingspan of 611 for our shooting thresholds now you can increase the weight if you prefer but at the very least make sure you have at least 87 acceleration for gold Speed Booster first for our finishing and we're not doing much here besides going for the earliest driving dunk threshold for contact dunks that threshold is an 87 driving dunk which gets the two foot Pro contacts this is actually my first build this year that gets contact dunks and as I said before I was a little skeptical on the 87 dunk at first with all the other contact packages looking very enticing by only adding a few more dunk attributes but dunk this year is so expensive so I settled with an 87 and honestly I couldn't be any happier the meter dunk feels great in the right situations and just the dunks I'm getting in general are feeling pretty effective while I do get a lot of the same contact animations I don't feel like I'm missing out too much on the other packages especially since I've mainly hunt threes on this build now if you wanted to still dunk effectively without the contacts there's a couple different thresholds to choose from and you could go with a 75 dunk minimum for some good packages like athletic one-handers off one and DeMar DeRozan or you could go for something like an 84 driving dunk for the LeBron package or if you just wanted to bump it up one more to 85 you could get the alley-u packages and some other good packages as well making 85 another solid threshold but for me I'm sticking with this 87 as I wanted skill dunks and contacts on this build and just a heads up you can always check every animation requirement on our website for free at which is super convenient and something I use every time I make a build and you should definitely check it out to make sure your build isn't missing any crucial animation thresholds now moving on to shooting and this is something I labbed a bit I strictly went with an 88 three-point rating which is going want to get us open looks on gold which improves your ability to make wide open shots we're actually in the middle of running the open looks badge test and is turning out to be a solid boost to your make percentage especially at the hall of fame level so personally I wanted to Target this badge on at least gold to Be an Effective and consistent three-point Creator not only does the 88 three-point rating get you some good badges but it also unlocks a wider selection of jump shot bases now an 86 3-point rating is solid for silver agent 3 and it can work well but like I said I wanted gold open looks on my build and I've recently been using a new jumper base that requires a higher rating anyway so ended up working out but lastly for shooting I went with a 71 free throw for the bronze free points badge and free throw shooting is definitely harder this year and for my future builds I might probably shoot more toward an 80 free throw to be a little more consistent at the line for playmaking there's a few key thresholds here and starting with pass accuracy we're going with an 87 for my beloved bailout badge I've been using this badge so much in the most recent years of 2K and it's so ingrained in me to drive and kick so I personally need it if you don't want the bailout badge there's a couple other options you can go for an 82 pass accuracy is good for silver touch passer but I wouldn't go much lower than that if you're point guard but if you're making this build as a shooting guard you can get away with anything from about 74 to 82 just find which badges in that range you'd like to have for ball handle we went with a 92 rating as this is the minimum threshold for the elite dribble six it's also the threshold for gold Blow by unpluckable and speed booster and really just a perfect threshold for six six guard builds we're going with an 83 speed with ball which is the other requirement for gold Speed Booster and gold hyperdrive which is important to this build I wouldn't change too much in playmaking besides pass accuracy if you plan on making this build as a point guard if you care for my six here they are but if you want to find your own and see which ones we recommend for each build premium members at have access to our exclusive dribble grading tool which Koza has been putting countless hours into testing every single animation with grades and descriptions so you can choose which ones work best for you but back to the build now for defense I wanted to be able to play both ends of the court so I gave this build enough perimeter defense to hold its own with bronze clamps and bronze fast speed at a 76 and I also wanted to generate some turnovers so we went with an 85 Steel for silver glove which has been pretty effective early on now as mainly in offensive man a point guard we do have some tools that are disposable interceptions have been decent and I'm getting timely plucks with glove and right stick Ripper making this a very well-rounded build at the point guard position lastly for physicals we have an 82 speed which gives us gold hyperdrive for Rim runs and 87 acceleration for our speed boosting badges 45 strength for bronze clamp 75 vert for the contact dunks and then 96 stamina for gold handles for days now as you can see everything on this build has a threshold cut off for every attribute making this build truly min max for this type of play style if you like to use skill dunks create your own three-point shot with Elite dribbles and hold your own on defense this build definitely checks all the boxes and has been one of the most fun builds I've used so far in 2k24 and that is all we have for this 66 Inside Out playmaker if you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to check us out again for more builds Badges and jump shot tests it's been spill and I'm out later