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NBA 2K24 Pass Styles Guide

Video Transcript:
in today's video backed by popular demand we'll be looking into more passing Styles specifically we'll be looking at LeBron versus Moran versus the bonus and you like us to compare even more Styles just add a like to this video and also in the comment section leave the passing style you want us to do and for more advanced stats on badges jump shots and even tools to help you view my player builds make sure to come to all year long so all the passes you see in this video are done with 90 pass accuracy because passing style speeds up your wind up and your animation before you pass but once the ball is out of their hands same speed so let's begin with passing on the move after two dribbles and as you can see Moran is the fastest when it comes to these passes the bonus is next while LeBron is close to 28 slower however LeBron's passing animation has much more movement to it and he also further keeps the ball and himself away from the defense as he passes so for this type of pass the Dilemma is interesting are you in it for Speed or are you in for better animations now next we have passing on the move after one dribble and here LeBron and Moran are both equally just as fast because it's the same animation however the bonus is by far the worst because the animation extends the ball and is much slower so when it comes to this pass there's no argument the boner is the worst well I'm more red and LeBron is the same and when it comes to full court passes LeBron is just excellent now Moran is okay but it's probably the worst with these three it's a bonus surprisingly has many of the animations that are just as good as LeBron's as you can see here like it's a bonus LeBron are the same but for Full Court Outlet LeBron definitely Takes the Cake however though LeBron is really bad at these stationary light triple pads you just kind of throw these ducks that are floating and higher and he throws them very consistently more red and some bonus on the other hand throws these good ones so that's something to keep in mind of and when it comes to swing passes they're pretty consistent LeBron does have one quicker one but overall pretty much similar so hopefully this was able to help you out if you like us to compare more just add a like to this video and also comment on which specific packages you want us to Cross Match and which type of passes you would like to see the most as always really appreciate you guys and keep an eye out for Content this week as we have made percentage for every free point rating coming out soon and yeah make sure to go to the website and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon