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NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K24 Fastest Season 5 Jump Shot

Video Transcript:
in today's video we'll be looking at the green Windows stats of one of the fastest jump shot bases in the game so shout out to one of you for commenting and asking us to test this Patty Mills custom please also feel free to comment in this video on what other custom jump shots you would like us to test and look at for you and if you would like to see our entire custom jump shot green window database you can sign up at and as a member you can also submit a custom jump shot test order monthly so Screen Window Stats yes even with a simple eye test this Patty custom is incredibly fast but the big question is how does this screen window stats hold up especially with this specific release blending well let's take a deep dive 2K laap style to find out so overall this custom jump shots screen window is solid and reliable from a width and stability point of view is above average however what makes it incredible is a speed we're talking early 500 milliseconds range with only a three point requirement of 84 for this game that's absolutely Elite and you can really fully begin to appreciate just how great this Patty base and custom jump shot is Green Window Stats when you start comparing it against other the jump shots so the one on the right here the green window stats is a Brunson custom we tested previously with a fre Point rating requirement of 89 and you can see Patty with five attribute points lower as free point requirement not only is it a better green window it is also a lot faster so it saves you five free point attribute points and gives you all those bonuses in regards to Green window stats now granted it is a long grind for this game for you to get to the padding wheeles base at starter free but once you get it you really can go back this is truly the fastest jump shot in the game that also has a relatively reliable green window with quality so if you like to see more green window stats like this for other custom jump shots just comment below what the custom jump shots you want us to look at and if you want to see our entire custom jump shot database let come sign up at as always thanks for coming by add a like to this video if you want more and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon