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NBA 2K24 Passing Styles Test

Video Transcript:
in today's video we're going to look at passing Styles and if this is your thing please add us a like as this video was kind of difficult to do but it was fun so we're gonna break down different passing Styles past beats and different situations we're also going to look at how the animations are different or they stay the same and for more stats on badges jump shot bases and jump shot releases or even tools to help you with your builds make sure to come to all year long so the passes that were thrown in this test were all done with 90 pass accuracy obviously the styles are different the key thing for you to know is that the style changes your wind up and animation before you throw out the past but once the ball comes out the pass beat stays the same depending on the past accuracy so let's begin with on the Move quick passes so from left to right we have the nun style the ball style and then the Harley style and you can see by the frames none is at 23 until the ball comes out ball is at 22 but Holly is way faster at 16 with a 30 almost increase so you can see it came out of Halley's hands very quickly with a nice move and Nation ball and none is almost the same speed but Nan's animation is much worse like if you focus on nuns player like that animation is bad while ball is better but Holly is better and faster now but those percentages don't hold true for every pass so here we have a stationary live triple kind of standstill pass and you can tell none is at 15 frames ball 15 frames and Halley's at 14. if you look at the animations closely though the pass speed might be close but you can tell Harley and boss animations are kind of tight and quicker release while the nun is kind of telegraph any extensions on so when it comes to these different passing Styles sometimes it's about the pass speed but in other times it's also about the animation and one interesting note all three of these packages also have this slow animation when it comes to these kind of stationary live triple pass these trigger about 20 of the time so it is therefore offering now running skip ads for these free packages so none ball and Halliburton they're the same so you can see those animations don't change on the running skip past however there are some changes when it comes to Value so none and a metal ball you can see I threw that alley over from the elbow area there these are pretty much the same animation but halepernick actually has some pretty good ones so you can see his animations are actually kind of A1 because he's got these good Fleck quick ones so highlight button definitely up there for the different animations in terms of Ali here also some layup bailout animations none once again is pretty horrible ball actually has a good one here but he sometimes gets too fancy so there are some variations and bad variables like that one by lamelo boss passing style is bad you can see another crazy one here another layup but once again that will hardly stands out or had a Britain and he's another excellent one by him so he's definitely passing quicker and smarter now jump shot bail out you can see that was some none and this is from lamelo these are also no change so jump shot Bill All Passes passing style also don't change that even for Helen burden which been testing by far the best out of these three packages also no change on this jump shot farewell so let us know in the comment section what other passing Styles you want to see for us to compare it again based on these parameters or what other passes you want us to test if we if we do test mode passing Styles as always thank you for coming by make sure to check out for more info and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon