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How Shooting in NBA 2K20 Worked

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NBA 2K20 Shooting Comparison

Video Transcript:
welcome back everybody to our latest video and today we're going to cover some raw shooting mechanics and timing based on your my players attribute rating and a couple tidbits that may influence your next player bill but as always guys before we get into it make sure you subscribe to the channel we just hit 70 K subs so grateful to have you guys and why don't you go hit that like button cuz we're keeping it short and sweet for today's video Jump Shot Speed now when NBA 2k 20 there's a new jump shot mechanic that makes your shot speed faster as your three point rating goes up and when we tested this jumper we saw that at a seventy three point rating the shot was fifty-one milliseconds slower than it was when we tested that a 95 3 point rating all these speeds scale the same when going up to higher attribute ratings as well now the next mechanic Perfect Release we're going to cover shows that as your rating goes up the perfect release make percentage doesn't go up much but the percentage closer to the edge of the green window go up much more which gives you more room for error compared to players with lower ratings but on the screen now is a shot that was timed at a very early a slightly early and edge of the green window and then also in the center of the green window which is a perfect release and we shot at a 70 75 80 and 85 three-point rating and as you can see the very early releases don't get too much love for having a high entropy rating which makes sense but as you go up to a slightly early release you have a 12% more chance of making that shot at a 85 3 point rating then you would if you released it very early at the same rating and as you can see as you approach the windows edge the 85 3 point rating also saw an 18% increase in make as opposed to shooting it slightly early now the last mechanic we're going Perfect Green Window to cover is the perfect green window and just like in 2k 19 if your three-point rating is high enough landing in the pure green window results in a hundred percent chance of a green but it's a bit different than it was last year in NBA 2k 19 you would just unlock the green window based on your rating but this year the window gets bigger the higher your three-point rating so as premium members to our website we'll have the relevant window size when it unlocks as long as the pure green window is 4 milliseconds or wider you can see that on our website so another video straight to the point hope you guys enjoyed this one we got plenty videos coming out for you peace