NBA 2k23 Badge Planner

Finishing Badge Planner

How many finishing badge points do you have?What finishing badge would you like to core?

0 Finishing Badge Points Available

finishing badge plannerAcrobat0Cost:
finishing badge plannerAerial Wizard0Cost:
finishing badge plannerBackdown Punisher0Cost:
finishing badge plannerBully0Cost:
finishing badge plannerDream Shake0Cost:
finishing badge plannerDropstepper0Cost:
finishing badge plannerFast Twitch0Cost:
finishing badge plannerFearless Finisher0Cost:
finishing badge plannerGiant Slayer0Cost:
finishing badge plannerLimitless Takeoff0Cost:
finishing badge plannerMasher0Cost:
finishing badge plannerPost Spin Technician0Cost:
finishing badge plannerPosterizer0Cost:
finishing badge plannerPro Touch0Cost:
finishing badge plannerRise Up0Cost:
finishing badge plannerSlithery0Cost:

Shooting Badge Planner

How many Shooting badge points do you have?What shooting badge would you like to core?

0 Shooting Badge Points Available

shooting badge plannerAgent 30Cost:
shooting badge plannerAmped0Cost:
shooting badge plannerBlinders0Cost:
shooting badge plannerCatch and Shoot0Cost:
shooting badge plannerClaymore0Cost:
shooting badge plannerClutch Shooter0Cost:
shooting badge plannerComeback Kid0Cost:
shooting badge plannerCorner Specialist0Cost:
shooting badge plannerDeadeye0Cost:
shooting badge plannerGreen Machine0Cost:
shooting badge plannerGuard Up0Cost:
shooting badge plannerLimitless Range0Cost:
shooting badge plannerMiddy Magician0Cost:
shooting badge plannerSlippery Off Ball0Cost:
shooting badge plannerSpace Creator0Cost:
shooting badge plannerVolume Shooter0Cost:

Playmaking Badge Planner

How many playmaking badge points do you have?What playmaking badge would you like to core?

0 Playmaking Badge Points Available

playmaking badge plannerAnkle Breaker0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerBail Out0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerBreak Starter0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerClamp Breaker0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerDimer0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerFloor General0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerHandles For Days0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerHyperdrive0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerKiller Combos0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerMismatch Expert0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerNeedle Threader0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerPost Playmaker0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerQuick First Step0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerSpecial Delivery0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerUnpluckable0Cost:
playmaking badge plannerVice Grip0Cost:

Def / Reb Badge Planner

How many Def / Reb badge points do you have?What def / reb badge would you like to core?

0 Def / Reb Badge Points Available

defense badge plannerAnchor0Cost:
defense badge plannerAnkle Braces0Cost:
defense badge plannerBoxOut Beast0Cost:
defense badge plannerBrick Wall0Cost:
defense badge plannerChallenger0Cost:
defense badge plannerChase Down Artist0Cost:
defense badge plannerClamps0Cost:
defense badge plannerGlove0Cost:
defense badge plannerInterceptor0Cost:
defense badge plannerMenace0Cost:
defense badge plannerOff-Ball Pest0Cost:
defense badge plannerPick Dodger0Cost:
defense badge plannerPogo Stick0Cost:
defense badge plannerPost Lockdown0Cost:
defense badge plannerRebound Chaser0Cost:
defense badge plannerWork Horse0Cost:

How do I use this tool?

First select the height of your player in order to get the badges on the correct tier. Then in each category you can select how many badge points your build gets. Start spending them to see what sort of badge set up you can have with your build. Just like the real badge setup, you need 10 badge points spent in tier 1 and 2 in order to start putting badge points in tier 3. You can also core badges to get badge points back, and change your core pattern. This tool will help you determine where to put your extra badge points earned from quests and season rewards. Just add the additional badge points into the category drop downs.

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