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NBA 2K24 Shot Timing Visual Cue

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Controller Settings in NBA 2k24

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome to 2K lab today we're going to be talking about short timing visual Q we're going to show you what this controller setting does and what each queue looks like and because this is 2K lab we're going to give you the exact millisecond of each kill and the percentage differences between them and if you like the more detail stats on badges jump shots and tools to help with your my player build make sure to come to all year long so if you go to your controller settings you will have four options for your shot timing visual queue you can have jump set point push and release now here you can see all four shots were triggered at the same time but with four different cues and what these are going to do is going to visually change where you can let go of your shot to get your earlier screen and at the same time it also changes when your earlier screen is now as the shot begins you can tell the jump visual cue is going to get to its green window the earliest and then set point then push and release however as each shot gets to a screen window what will not change is the shot speed you can tell all four shots and let go at the same same time so this setting can change your preference in terms of your visual cue and the timing of your earlier screen but it will not make you shoot the ball faster and here we'll show you the exact timing difference between each jump shot timing killed down to the milliseconds so for this particular jump shot earlier screen on the jump setting is going to be at 500 milliseconds set point is going to be at 501 sorry Coast push will be at 551 pretty big gap between push and set point and then release will be 565 so it's really up to you which one you want to choose but knowing the exact timing difference down to the millisecond is going to help you out and decide which one suits you best and please let us know in the comment section what you prefer and if you enjoy this type of content as always please add us a like and thank you for coming by and I look forward to speak to you guys again all very soon