Best Defensive Badges in NBA 2K23 : Glove vs Unpluckable Bad Video

Best Defensive Badges in 2K23

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How to get more steals in 2k: Glove badge

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sam fan welcome back to the 2k lab channel today we're going to talk about defensive badges and also play making badges at the same time so in this video we'll look at the power of glove versus the power of unpluggable we're going to put the two badges up against each other at each batch level so you can see the detailed results now before we get into the numbers what you have to understand is glove is very strong and unpluggable is designed to limit it but in order for you to get the most out of the glove you're gonna need great on-board tracking so if you guys would like to see an onboard defense tutorial from wolf just get this video to 3 000 likes and we're going to post that for you now in regards to the numbers here they are let's begin at the bronze level for glove and as you can see versus no unpluggable steel weight is about 10 but once you're facing unpluggable with the bronze glove it's pretty much unusable if you get it to silver the numbers take quite a jump in terms of steel success rate you can see at 9 30 now it's also useful against bronze unpluggable and it still gets some steel versus the higher levels are unpluggable but there is that that gold and hall of frame range where things go a little bit crazy gold is a huge jump and you can see against nine is 46 percent bronze is 36 and even versus silver golden hall of fame and pokeball gold glove is incredibly useful hall of fame is on a tier of his own at fifty percent if you're facing someone with no unpluggable and even still 46 versus someone with bronze still very high at silver and still relatively high at gold and hall of fame so hall of fame glove is strong however in regards to our recommendation for glove we would suggest you have it on gold even though hall of fame does have crazy numbers gold is not too far behind but you have to invest a lot of attribute points in order to get hall of fame gloves so gold is probably the sweet spot and in regards to unpluggable we would also recommend you get that at the gold level as that's going to give you a lot of the bonuses that the batch already comes with with not that much investment so if you made it this far in the comment section please type in glove or unplugable so we know you stay to the ad and most importantly this will also reflect which batch do you think is stronger do you feel glove is overpowered or do you feel unpluggable is too strong but you're not getting enough steals and we remember last year where you know stealing the ball was completely op at the beginning of the game i would say this year the relationship is more balanced leaning still more probably towards gov but unpluggable is solid so if you enjoyed this video please add us a like also considering visiting our website where we do hundreds of thousands of more tests for you on there so as always thanks for coming by and we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon