BEST Dribble Moves on NBA 2K24 Season 4 for Tall Builds: Beg Video

Best Dribble Moves for Tall Ball Handlers

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2K24 Best Dribble Animations for Tall Ball Handlers

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is COA and welcome back to another 2K Labs video in today's video we're going over the current best dribble moves that you guys can be using on your 610 plus big man builds so go ahead do me a favor drop a like on today's video subscribe to the channel if you guys want more daily 2K content like this and let's go ahead and get into [Music] it now up first we have the dribble Dribble Style style now I am a big lover of the pro dribble style but for some reason on my taller big man builds I lean more towards this normal dribble style and you'll see here why gets a very fluent cross launch animation as you see right here I get open for the mid-range shot a very fluent cross launch animation and it doesn't get a bad speed boost towards the ball hand either so a very fluent dribble style for those big man builds that normal dribble style you guys will be doing all right with that now on the Size Up size up I've been sticking with the Giannis signature size up puts moves together very well now the regular breakdown combo Victor wimy is a really nice move to have now at the start of the regular breakdown combo you take two steps back and you're going to do two in between the legs with that often giving you guys some cushion to create an open Aggressive Breakdown shot up next the aggressive breakdown combo we are using Pro and it's actually not that bad especially when it's paired up with the normal dribble style you guys see we get into the pro aggressive breakdown combo here in the Pro dribble style cross launch pushes us past our Defender and we get that nice Blow by animation that big man build this is a very slept on move that you guys should be implementing into your game if you guys are trying to dribble on these 610 or taller builds onto Escape moves the Escape Breakdown Kevin Durant Escape moves works very well on these big man builds if you guys can have it with the 75 ball handle the turbo cross speed boost and the Turbo cross cross launch are both very good moves that you guys should Implement into your game as you guys see we get the turbo cross speed boost there and right here we're going to get the turbo cross cross launch right here and we really cross up our Defender there and create an open shot up next we have Combo Breakdown combo moves I've been a big lover of the pro combo moves not only the standing little twing crossover that you get but also the moving crossover it's a double crossover move the standing combo move isn't the greatest it's just a little cross tween and then you can blow by your Defender that way but the moving combo move definitely keep an eye out Crossover for that now crossover I recommend using Kevin Durant if you guys can get that if you can't get that try out Luca donic I'm just messing around with the Anthony Edwards cross over that requires a 76 ball handle but I'd say Kevin Durant is the best one onto the behind the back Jason Tatum is one of the best moving behind the back animations within the game now it's hard to Showcase here in the half court setting but in game modes with a bigger Court like three on three or even the rec center coming down and transition and doing that aggressive behind the back can be deadly now spin Spin move we are still using the penny Hardway Spin and for hesitation we're using Pro now the hesitation really isn't a bad move this year especially coming out the triple threat but we do a cross launch animation into a hesi he bites on the hesi and we get a free dunk at The Rim last but not least we are sticking with the Vince Carter stepb back this is really nice because you get a nice snatchback animation with it and again this ties in really nicely with the normal dribble style as you guys see right there we have a cross launch animation and then we snatch the ball back for an open three those are our recommended dribbling animations for those 610 plus players with at least a 75 ball handle if you guys want to know more about more animations we have every single dribbling animation graded within the game over on website hope this video helped you guys out as always it's been kza and I'm [Music] out