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2K24 Sub Build Tier List

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NBA 2K24 Subscriber Build Tier List Video

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is Koza and welcome back to another 2K Lab video today's video is another tier list but this tier list is a little different we asked you guys to send in your best builds and you guys pulled through so in today's video we're going to be ranking your guys' builds into a tier list so you guys can start to see the difference between a good build and an even better one so if yall are ready to rank these builds into a tier list go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let's go ahead and get into [Music] it [Music] now we got five guard builds and five forward builds up first we have a 64 point guard build coming from that man yo cam chill we can all agree that a point guard job is to playmake and get a bucket when he needs to this build is quick with that 93 acceleration and that Hall of Fame speed boost this build gets an 89 passing accuracy can shoot from anywhere on the court has an 85 driving layup and even some standing dunk and post control to go along with with it he has some interior defense to stop a back door cut maybe he's guarding Corner in a two three zone I'm personally a fan of this build but I don't think it's an S tier build for the lack of defense that being said we're going to go ahead and throw this to a tier we're off to a hot start I'm not going to lie up next we have a 66 point guard build from that man snoops The Apprentice now just like our last build this is a point guard build so it needs to be able to playmake it can do that with the 89 pass snacker see it also gets an 89 three-point rating as well as an 80 driving layup unlike the last build this build has some defense with that 95 perimeter defense and that 81 steel for silver Interceptor I feel like this is a solid PG build but you did miss out on that gold Speed Booster and what stings the most is that you're at an 84 acceleration and it's at the 87 threshold for acceleration you went with the 83 speed ball to hit that threshold but you didn't hit the acceleration threshold so gold speed booster on this build was just so close not a bad build by any means this is definitely very usable and a very good build we're going to go ahead and throw this into the a tier any point guard build that has a passing accuracy and some high defense deserves a tier up next we got a 68 point guard build from my man Jillian now I imagine this is more of a park PG build for the ones twos and threes court with that low 70 pass act like he said this is an ISO lock so if we take a look at defense we can see that this defense is pretty well rounded scoring is serviceable with that 84 driving dunk and that 83o rating so it's an all-around score that can play two ways I would imagine this bill wouldn't be as good in the wreck but for Park players this is definitely suitable that being said this build isn't perfect but it isn't bad so we're going to go ahead and throw it in that a tier moving on to shooting guards we're starting out with that man no name now check this build out this build is basically a lock down just at the shooting guard position if you're running with a ball dominant point guard this could be probably one of the best builds in the game to have now the finishing isn't all quite there but you do get that 92 3point rating for that silver Limitless range threshold you get the 93 perimeter defense for gold clamps and that 91 steel rating for Gold Glove and gold r stick Ripper you have a high speed with that 89 speed and you even have just enough playmaking to be a secondary ball handler I will say that 75 driving dunk threshold would have been nice for the athletic one-handers off one dunk package but at that point I'm just nitpicking man we're going to go ahead and throw this in the S tier up next we got a 68 shooting guard build from that man 95 now a shooting guard should be a bucket getter and preferably not a liability on defense now look at what my man cooked up here 87 driving dunk for contact dunks he has a 793 Point rating isn't only the threshold for silver blinders but also that Ben Shepard base can definitely be a secondary ball handler and a secondary passer and that man got some D with the 91 steel the 79 block and the 88 perimeter defense this man hit the silver Speed Booster threshold and also has a 92 strength this looks like an amazing shooting guard build but dog just upgrade the free throw it's so cheap in the Builder just upgrade just to a 71 please I would personally just go to like an 80 seven perimeter defense and you could probably get a lot of free throw with that or even just take block rating down one or two this shooting guard build is just one thing away from being perfect in my eyes I'm going to cut you some slack I'm going to go ahead and throw this in the S tier because it is a really really good build but man just just a little bit more free throw man would be perfect up next we have a 69 small forward from that man baby face now this is probably the most well-rounded build that I've seen so far this year 80 driving layup 75 driving dunk the 73 mid-range along with the 763 pointer have decent playmaking to be able to play make and you know dribble The Rock and defense is all well-rounded now this build could be perfect for somebody that wants to hop in the game they want to do everything at a serviceable level while being a solid small forward for a team but I have to judge it on if the average person would to hop on it and if they could go crazy it's not the best finisher it's not the best shooter it play makes all right and the defense has a little Randomness with the 80 block and things like that now this build could be perfect for you and it does look like a solid small forward build but we're going to go ahead and throw it in the B tier up next we got a 610 small forward by my man I can't say his name on YouTube now this is a pretty solid small forward build coming in at 610 with that 85 driving dunk that 80 driving layup for the Hall of Fame Pro Touch gets a little bit of standing dunk hits that 84 mid-range for that gold mini magician threshold that's 79 three-point rating 81 free throw and it has enough playmaking to not only handle the rock but also get assists as we go down to defense it has a solid perimeter block and rebounding stat he even gets o board with it and his physicals are pretty solid I think this build deserves a spot at least in the a tier now we're moving on to the power forward big man builds up first Trevor Bentley and I'm not going to lie bro this man cooked in so many different ways has that 94 driving dunk with that 81 standing dunk threshold has the 78 three-point rating but he hits the 79 mid-range rating has enough passing accuracy to pass the ball at least a little bit up the court he does Miss up on or miss out on the higher ends of break starter but de defense he has that 92 defensive rebound and that 92 block rating as well as some pretty decent perimeter defense 73 acceleration with that 75 speed and that 84 strength so he can play defense at all levels he has a nasty driving dunk rating can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court and his passing accuracy is serviceable not going to lie I think he deserves a spot in the S tier up next we have a S9 power forward build coming from our man it Stacks now this is definitely an interesting build one thing that I like about it is that Hall of Fame anchor badge that 99 block does go different other thing is that high driving dunk along with the high vertical you can shoot the mid and he can also handle the rock although this looks like a very fun build not being able to shoot the three or pass the ball if you do handle the rock along with not being a great rebounder at the power forward position we're going to go ahead and throw this in the B tier although the build does look like a really fun build last but not least we got that man underrated reply guy now this is a 610 power for it gets a 75 driving dunk threshold to meet that athletic one-handers off one driving dunk animation he gets the 92 standing dunk in that 85 post control he even gets close shot on his build so definitely solid finishing as we go down to shooting you have an 87 mid-range now that not only brings you more badges but also opens up more opportunities to use other jump shot bases and releases this man has a serviceable three-point rating a 71 free throw and an 80 for passing accuracy for that touch passer threshold and this man can protect the paint with his interior and block as well as rebound the ball physicals are also looking solid with the high stamina and vertical as well as the 90 strength not going to lie you cooked on that build man and that is going to wrap up today's tier list I'm not going to lie y'all are making some pretty good builds out there OC tier builds you love to see it man all of these builds are definitely usable in their own category let me know down below if you guys would change anything to this tier list we appreciate all the feedback down in the comments down below we appreciate all the love and support and with that being said it's been kza and I'm out