NBA 2K24 Speed Booster Playmaking Badge: How to Dribble Fast Video

2k24 Speed Booster

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NBA 2K24 Speed Booster

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Seth and welcome to 2K lab today we're going to be showing you the batch test we did for Speed Booster we're going to show you how you can activate the batch and exactly what this batch Buffs and more importantly we'll show you the percentage increase difference between each level of the batch when compared to low batch and finally we'll also demonstrate to you with online gameplay on how you can best take advantage of this badge so you can become a problem on the court please add a like if you want to see more batch test contents like this and leave a comment on what badges you want to see next and for more advanced stats on Badges and jump shots and tools to help your my player builds please come to so Speed Booster is activated on your turbo Turbo launch and it carries through to the dribble after so essentially it increases your acceleration so from here this is your triple launch and this will trigger Speed Booster it's going to carry through to this dribble and then one more afterwards so it's from there all the way to here and then from here the effects of Speed Booster will stop and then that's it so here you can see on the right there's no badge which 79 acceleration and on the left is Hall of Fame speed booster with 93 acceleration and the speed increase is 7.9 and that's what bronze versus no match both at 79 acceleration bronze is 1.5 faster Silver versus no batch is 3.2 faster and gold versus no batch is 4.8 faster and here are clips of gold Speed Booster in action online and as you can see the strategy here is to use the dribble launch Boost from the badge to create the separation you need quickly to create open shots with wide open coverage giving you the best chance to make the shot now using the boosted dribble launch along from Speed Booster is going to get you a lot of these shots but the next level up is if you can stack them so here we're stacking one dribble launch to open up space bait the defender and then use it again because Speed Booster is such a stackable badge that makes this tactic quite useful so here are all the batch stats for your convenience to reference and also don't forget Speed Booster does not work in the paint but it will work in the mid-range and in the free Point area as for our convention and we say gold is definitely worth it because it doesn't cost too much and the requirements meet all the dribble moves you need but don't forget Hall of Fame is just a different level with this batch there's a significant increase to it so if you need to make the sacrifices to your build then Hall of Fame actually is topped here if you can make the most use out of it so hopefully you enjoyed this test Please add a like if you'd like to see more and leave a comment on what badges you would like us to test as soon as possible as always really appreciate you guys make sure to check out for more info on stats Badges and jump shots and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon