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NBA 2K24 Shooting Space Creator Badge Video

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and today we're going to look at step back shots and the space creative batch we're also going to look at what the recent shooting update has done to it as we have pre patch and post-patch numbers of this batch and the type of shots it picks we'll break it down to you in detail per batch level in terms of the green windows and also the make percentages and we'll also look at the no batch numbers in detail so it gives you guys a good point of reference for this batch now first things first let's take a look at Hall of Fame compared to no batch and even from the Shar meter alone you can see there's a big size difference between the two green windows so the effects is definitely there now in regards to activation there's two ways you can hold turbo and push the right stick down and equip a hop jumper so you can see these are turbo right sck down hop jumpers from the mid-range it activates and it also activates from the free you can also do stand still hop jumpers such as this and all you're going to do is hold the left stick and the shot button down and time your shots it will also work from the mid-range and also the three point range and in regards to the data We Gather for this test we use stand still hop jumpers as we have a previous script that that already worked well however we will update the data also with running rtick down jumpers later and here's the data for a 64 freepoint rated hop jumper taken from deep and as you can see the middle make percentage average is about 46% so it's not great and uh even at the later end of the windows and the early M percentage is not very high either but if you compare it with space Creator on bronze and silver and bronze is only a slightly higher rating with a 65 fre pointer but if you look closely at 1595 you can see both the M percentage for bronze and silver space creator has taken quite a bit of a jump in terms of the M percentage overall though the middle M percentage is very similar even with silver on a much higher rating compared to the other two now let's also add in gold and Hall of Fame and you can see off rip Hall of Fame is much higher now granted its rating is higher but you can see at the later end on the window so 1625 to 1630 millisecs h of Fame jumps away from gold silver and bronze and none and also h of Fame and gold gold has the same kind of early effect that bronze and silver did at the early stage of the green window at 1595 and the overall middle M percentage is a 56% average for gold and H of Fame is 77.7 also worth noting is if you take shots really late into the green window like on the late Edge on gold and Hall of Fame you have a small chance to make them with Hall of Fame having the best chance but on bronze and silver or none you literally have no chance and in regards to the pre patch num so this was the October patch these are the space Creator stats per batch level and the type of shots it takes to activate it and the patch did actually change it up quite a bit as you can see here so that October update definitely did change this batch by a bit and we actually had that data before but we had it right when the patch dropped so we had to retest it for you guys and show you these new numbers so here's an image with the average middle make percentage per badge level and including no badge this is current day numbers and uh let us know how you feel about this badge how have you been using it what level you've been using it on and you saw a guy Matt earlier did quite well with it in terms of his play in the 1 V1 court so we would love to hear your comments and also let us know what badges you want us to test next and as always we really appreciate your support thanks for coming by and don't forget to check out nba2k.com for more tools of your builds and jump shot stats all year