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NBA 2K24 Recommended Small Guard Animations

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is co and welcome back to another 2K Lab video most of us know by now that your dribbling animations that your my player has equipped could be the difference between your my player feeling slower or faster so we have some suggested dribbling animations for those smaller guards out there so go ahead drop a like subscribe let's get into it now don't forget even if these suggested moves don't work for you we have every every single dribbling animation in the game rated on our premium side of our website we have a huge sale going on go ahead and try this code for 50% off of our premium membership now Kyrie Irving dribble style is the king of all dribble Styles so far in the 2K 24 your dribble style holds your cross launch and your speed boost animation so your dribble style is a big thing to get right on your my player now if you guys don't have the 90 speed ball to get the Kyrie Irving threshold you guys could also settle for Pro for that dribble style we have found these to be the most effective whenever we're trying to chase that speed that we want on our my player and we ultimately need speed especially off that first step to beat our Defender now for size up if you have the 95 ball handle go ahead with Steve Francis signature size up this is what all the 2K League Pros use but if you guys don't have that 95 ball handle the Darius Garland signature size up is a really nice gotoo this will not only keep your dribbling nice and tight but the size up moves are also quick that allows you to chain all of your dribble moves together now on to the regular breakdown combo Derrick Rose has been a big favorite compared to other regular breakdown combos now every move inside of this regular breakdown combo you can burst out of so this one dribble moves gives you guys options you can burst out of this early within the dribbling animation or you guys can let the whole animation play out and then burst out of it at the end Terry Rosier has been a solid aggressive breakdown combo specifically whenever he fakes going forward and you can chain that with a hop back or a snatchback at the end I like it best when I let the move play out and whenever he fakes forward I can hit the snatch back and then the Hop back often times creating a shot opportunity now Walker has been the king of Escape moves so far this year every move inside this Escape moves package is really nice and you can also chain all three of these moves together and you can also burst out of any of the three moves inside of the Escape package allowing you guys to beat your Defenders now the Stephen Curry combo moves is beautiful especially with his double behind the back that creates a lot of space and separation between you and your Defender I showcase that beautifully here when the defender tries to make up for the ground that he has lost and then I ultimately beat him to the rim finishing with an Up and Under reverse layup now Kobe Bryant has one of the fastest crossovers in the game not only for moving in transition on those fast breaks but also whenever you beat your Defender you can extra beat your Defender and gain even more ground protecting you guys from those chase down blocks now most of us know how powerful this Jamal Murray standing behind the back can be his moving behind the back isn't the fastest but his stationary behind the back creates a lot of separation between you and that Defender often times creating a shot opportunity what makes this move even better is you can actually get ankle breakers off of this move as you guys see are here when I have the defender looking silly now for our spin move we are going with Penny Hardaway Spin and we showcased this spin move really well in our taller guard Wing dribbling animations if you guys haven't checked that video out definitely go give that a watch now for hesitation we are using Kobe Bryant and step back we are using that John Wall step back he gets not only a really good hop back but also a really good snatchback animation so you get the best of both worlds that is going to wrap it up for our suggested small guard animation try these things out definitely drop a like on the video subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let us know down in the comments your favorite small guard dribbling animations and as always it's been COA and I'll catch you boys in the next video