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Best Layup Badges on 2K23: Slithery

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What Finishing Badges should I use? Slithery

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one we'll be going over the slithery badge in depth and show you the stats at each badge level now the slithering badge is amongst one of the best finishing badges in NBA 2k23 and the definition says that it increases a player's ability to slide through traffic protect the ball from being stolen and avoid contact during gathers at the ramp it does its job incredibly well this year and many players will tell you that this badge is a must-have for just about all builds it works for dunks layups and even floaters and with this badge you're going to see a lot less body contact animations as you can see from these clips it's going to allow for easier blow buys and it's pretty much the opposite of The Fearless finisher badge I can however stack with Fearless finisher and other badges like Limitless takeoff and it also pairs really well with clamp breaker now for our tests we had a Defender with his hands up in the paint and had the offensive player drive right into them for layups we took 200 attempts for each badge level and without the badge and we got some great numbers that showcase this badge's Effectiveness as you can see from the chart there was about a 20 reduction in average contest percentage from no badge to Hall of Fame which is obviously very significant the bronze level provides decent results and seems to be one of the better bronze badges in general by reducing the average skin test by about 6.5 when compared to no badge silver sees a slight Boost from bronze and gold actually seems to be a pretty good sweet spot by reducing the average contest by about 15 of course if you have the ability to get Hall of Fame it would be well worth the investment for any slasher build but you'll need 99 layup or 98 dunks to unlock it another thing that makes this badge op is that at six nine and up it becomes a tier one badge and costs next to nothing to equip for such a powerful badge I don't know about you guys but I've been seeing a bunch of 6 9 99 dunk Bills running around with Hall of Fame slithery for this exact reason now for all other builds though it's a tier 3 badge which will obviously leave less room to equip your other badges but ultimately you'll want this badge as high as you can get it to confidently attack the rim now that is all we got for the slithery badge test if this video helped you be sure to drop a like and comment down below which level of slithery you've been using thank you guys for watching it's Phil and I'll catch y'all in the next video later