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Fastest Shot Speed in NBA 2K23

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody its spill here, and welcome back to another nba2klab video. In this one we're going take a deeper look into the custom jumpshot creator and more specifically, we're going to check whether release speeds affect your make % and if they do, by how much. We're super close to 300k subs so if you been rocking with us drop a like and comment lab gang down below and lets get right into this video. Ever year in the jumpshot creator we always test the different release speeds of the same jumper to see the difference in make % for each of the timings. As a lot of you know, 6'4 players and under get 5 options when selecting release speed, 6'5 to 6'9s have 4 options, and 6'10s and up only get 3. We classify the 5 speeds as very quick, quick, normal, slow, and very slow. When making a custom jumper its typically a good rule of thumb to pick the fastest speed available to help avoid being contested by a defender thats closing out and with each tick of release speed being about 15 ms, choosing the fastest speed can be the difference between an open contest and a wide open shot. Looking at this chart here though, you can see each timing and their respective make % for each 5ms throughout the green window, this test as a whole took over 9000 shots. You can see the very quick option has a clear make % plateau and the edge of the green windows are very similar with a straight drop off. Moving to the quick option, you can see it also has a clear make % plateau similar very quick but you can see the difference at the later edge of the green window where it shows a slight boost instead of a complete dropoff. The normal speed option shows a slight boost in make % toward the center while also being a bit more forgiving on the slightly early releases but even though the make % looks better, doesn't necessarily mean it is better. Looking at the chart you can see the speed difference from normal to very quick is about 25ms which is actually huge when it comes to getting a shot off. Its tough for us to recommend using any other release speed besides very quick or quick because even though the %'s may look better, these numbers don't account for defense, where in that case, its always better to have a faster shot than a slower one. Compiling all of these lines together in one chart, we can see they look pretty similar when placed next to eachother, further proving the point that the speed of the shot will be more beneficial to you than the slight boost in make % for slowing down your release speed. That is all we have for this shot speed video, if you found it helpful be sure to leave a like and if you watched the whole video thru, leave a comment with the release speed you like to use. As always, thanks for watching and I'll catch you guys in the next video, later.