How to Green More Contested Shots

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How to Make Contested Shots in 2K23

Video Transcript:
what is good guys it's bill here back with another nba 2k lab video and in today's video it's gonna be a quick one we're gonna be talking about mike wang's recent tweet about shot speed when defenders are nearby now we've ran some tests we got some pretty good info for you guys so if you're new to the channel man be sure to subscribe and turn those notifications on and let's see if we can get this video to 23 likes without further ado let's get right into it [Music] so yeah mike wang is just out here dropping little gems for us so if you want to keep up with what's going on in the game you guys should definitely go follow him now here's a tweet yesterday that mentioned how shots will be a little faster than normal when defenders are nearby so of course we wanted to test it and see just how much faster that shot would be we tested the speeds of a wide open jumper yesterday in another video we'll put that link in the description down below and then we compared those numbers to a contested shot and then also looked at neighborhood contest and slide contest now for the second part of his tweet we already knew that lower energy slowed down your jumper as it was one of the first things that we actually tested as you can see in our amped badge activation video that link is also down the description so if you want to look at any more of our recent videos those links will be down below so we looked more at when we were getting consistent slightly feedback this year if you get a slightly on your feedback you're either in the green window or at most five milliseconds outside of it now as you can see the shots were generally around 35 milliseconds faster when contested which is a pretty significant amount that's about two notches of speed on the custom jump shot slider so when you're shooting this year it may be tougher than you think because the timing isn't always going to be the same but in the same token though if you master these different timings you can hit a lot of shots especially with these new shooting badges so just be aware that if you're about to get contested you'll have to adjust your timing now that's all we got for this quick video guys if you found it helpful or useful be sure to leave a like and turn the notifications on because we're going to be dropping some super helpful content in the coming days and weeks we're already working on my career methods i'm working on a build video for you guys coming very soon so that's also something you don't want to miss with that being said i will catch you guys in the next video later you