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NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips TikToks

Video Transcript:
hey there welcome to the 2K Labs Channel and in this video we'll be showing you some of our best shooting tips tick tocks on NBA 2k23 here's how much your stamina can affect your shot speed the player on the right reaches his green Windows 17 slower because of the lower stamina both players release this shot close to the green window but the shooter with Hall of Fame Limitless has a 60 better chance at making the shot blinders is better than Deadeye because it can trigger during Fades while Deadeye only works against Closeouts from the front shooting with the meter off gives you about a five percent make percentage boost which is much less compared to last year's game your short timing release setting can affect your moving jumpers green windows and cues significantly just look at the difference in user timing on these two green KD moving jumpers here's a detailed comparison between early and late shot timing so the early option allows you to get to the green window quicker however both shots are released at the same time so let us know what's your preferred shot timing in dk23 both normal 2 jumpers were released close to the green window but only the main hand turbo fade went in because it has a higher middle make percentage to see more stats like these for every jumper sign up at the Iverson spin jumper is fast and tight while Penny takes an extra dribble and covers much less ground the jokic pose fade has a faster release speed versus Lucas but lucasfate can create much more separation please let us know in the comments section which Tick Tock was your favorite and as always thanks for coming by I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon