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Season 3 Shooting Badge Tier List

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Best Shooting Badges Tier List Season 3

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Bill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one we're going to be going over our updated shooting badge tier list for season three since we've had the opportunity to test more badges in the last couple Seasons there's been a handful of changes when it comes to the best and worst badges to equip of course every person has their own play style so this is just a general overview of the badges we deem to be the most or least impactful don't forget to subscribe if you're new to the channel without further Ado let's get right into it for this tier list we're going to be looking at primary ball handlers and off to the side we're going to have the best badges for Corner Shooters as well we're going to do off-ball Sharps but it was too similar so we're just gonna go with these two categories and I'll speak on those a little bit as we go along and like always we're going to start in the CTR from the least impactful Badges and go up to the S tier with the most impactful badges so for our first badge in the CTR we're starting with Claymore and this is a badge that is obviously not made for primary ball handlers as you have to remain stationary for one to four seconds to get the Boost Mike Wang states that the Boost starts at one second and gets stronger at a Max of 4 seconds so if you're an off ball sharp or Corner shooter this badge makes a little more sense to equip so for that we have it in the a tier for those types of players we're running the numbers on this badge right now and it will most likely be our next shooting badge video so make sure you turn your notifications on to be the first to see how strong that boost actually is it's a tier one badge for all players 610 and below and a tier 2 badge for 611 and up so as you get taller it becomes a bit more costly so try to see if it pops often for you and if not you may want to consider equipping other badges next we have amped in the C tier for both play Styles and while we initially had it in the B tier for our first video the badge doesn't seem to provide enough of a boost to justify spending badge points to make percentage and speed of your shot is severely reduced when below 50 stamina and this badge helps increase the make percentage but not the speed we mentioned before if it helped to increase the speed of your shot when the stamina was low this badge could actually be really good but since it doesn't we have it in the seat here you can maybe throw some points in here if you have extras but those are tough to come by when considering all the other badges you'll want to equip now for Corner Specialists we have it in the C tier for primary ball handlers when we tested it it didn't seem to provide a noteworthy boost to your make percentage but we do know that it doesn't speed up your shot and since it's a tier 2 badge for all players 66 to 610 and tier 3 for 6 11 and up it's a costly investment when you'll still need to equip other badges like catch and shoot or green machine which are likely and similar tiers for Corner Shooters it obviously makes the most sense so we have it in the beach here but until we see a noticeable boost it can also be a skipworthy badge guard up is a badge that sounds great in theory but just doesn't seem to work well enough to spend your badge points on we have it in the CTR for both play Styles because like we said in our first video the activation of this badge isn't very practical as most players will probably have hands up or jump to contest your shot making this badge only slightly effective against possible neighborhood contests it doesn't seem to activate much and the general consensus is that this badge isn't worth your points next we have slippery off ball and this is a c tier badge for both play Styles as well we've seen bigs use it to help slightly in pick and roll situations but as an off ball shooter there's more impactful badges to prioritize and now that we've covered the C tier badges it's time to move into the B tier with badges that would be worth considering if your playstyle calls for it starting with Comeback Kid we originally had this as an a-tier badge and the Boost is actually pretty solid even on bronze and since it's a tier one badge for all builds it makes for a great investment at just one batch point the Hall of Fame level actually provides about a 10 boost on the early parts of the green window which is significant but there's probably better places to spend those extra points than on Hall of Fame Comeback Kid the downside to this badge is that you need to be down by at least seven points for it to activate and it only works on jumpers so for those reasons we have it in the b-tier then we have catch and shoot and this is a badge that isn't super practical for primary ball handlers but I like to use it for pass-back situations or if I need to spot up in a pinch I feel it works pretty well but if you haven't already had a three-point rating may not be worth it for certain playstyles as a corner shooter though we have it as an S tier badge as it's the most practical badge you should have equipped to increase your make percentage in those situations keep in mind though that it doesn't activate from Limitless range who has an off ball sharp on the hash it loses some Effectiveness and when we tested it the silver level actually seemed to provide the most bang for your buck while the golden Hall of Fame levels increase your make percentage more toward the edges of the green window the next B tier badge we have is Deadeye and that's for both play Styles and this is a solid badge but it's a tier 3 badge for all builds making it very expensive and almost unobtainable for most builds considering the other badges you want to have equipped it provides a slight boost at bronze but the significant difference will come at the gold and Hall of Fame levels which require an 91 and 99 three-point rating respectively at that point though it's tough to equip over badges like agent 3 Limitless range or blinders which are similarly tiered badges with the new level 40 reward though you have the option of two Core Shooting badges which may actually make this a bit more accessible but we're still keeping this in the beach here since it's so expensive compared to the return you'll be getting next we have midi magician and this badge can be really effective if it applies to your playstyle and skipworthy if it doesn't if you like to shoot off dribble midis or post baits it's an S tier badge and you should definitely have it equipped on some level but for practicality we leave it in the B tier since most people will either shoot threes or go for the dunk it's gonna work better in general for Park players since there's more spacing on the court but for Corner players we have it in the C tier as these players typically don't invest much in mid-range not to mention the mid-range opportunities would be fairly limited now moving on we have one of my favorite Badges and that is clutch shooter it remains in the beef here though because I'm not looking to spend a lot of badge points on it but it can be very helpful in late game situations and it does help in free throws in the wreck as well this badge is also more practical in the park as it can boost your make percentage when leading or losing in a game by at least eight points for Corner players we bump it up to the a tier as these players will typically have slightly lower shooting ratings and primary ball handlers and therefore it will help benefit them just a bit more then we have our a-tier Badges and we're starting with space Creator and this is a badge that works really well if you're taking any type of setback shot this year in 2k23 it provides a boost to your make percentage since it's a shooting badge and not a playmaking badge like last year and if you're taking step back shots with a good three-point rating this is a badge you want to have equipped for sure it's more of a playstyle specific badge but as a primary ball handler it makes sense to have these types of shots in Your Arsenal as a corner shooter though this is a c tier badge as these types of shots won't come often as a player that's there to space the floor when you're off Ball volume shooter remains in the a tier as we just recently tested it and proved that the Boost is pretty significant and since it's a tier one badge for all builds it makes for a great investment if you're taking around 8 to 10 shots per game in 5v5 modes the Boost builds up and you'll see the largest boost around your fifth or sixth jump shot whether it's a make or Miss and for primary ball handlers it makes sense to spend some points here as you typically run the show and will normally take enough shots to just by that boost for Corner players it can still be effective but only if you're getting enough opportunities so for that reason we have it in the b-tier for those types of players even on bronze though you can see a solid boost but the significant boost will come at the gold and Hall of Fame levels toward the early edges of the green window next we have a badge that we've bumped up from our previous tier list and that badge is blinders we've tested this badge and while it's slightly similar to Deadeye we have it ranked better just because it's a bit more practical as it seems to activate in more situations especially if you're taking Fades I still prefer this badge over Deadeye even for Corners since it will account for those rotational Closeouts from the wing so we have it as an a-tier badge for both play Styles now for our s tier badges we have one new badge in the S tier from our previous list but for now we're going to start with agent 3 and for any primary ball handler this is a badge that is a must-have and since I'm shooting a lot of Fades I keep this badge as high as I can get it it also works really well for any type of stop and pop and even Rhythm shooter types of shots and for the people that are taking those size up Escape step back shots with the LeBron and KD packages this is the perfect badge for that type of shot I know everyone's out there choosing the AIS in the wreck and my career with this exact move but since it activates on almost any type of three it's easily in the S tier for Corner players though we have it in the B tier as it can be useful when faking the drive and stepping back for three but it's not the most practical compared to the other badges then we have Limitless range and this badge is extremely powerful still in season three for primary ball handlers and off ball sharp to help you shoot from range with ease of course you can get this to Gold you'll see a huge benefit when shooting from 30 plus feet and if you get it to Hall of Fame with a 99 three point you'll be able to shoot extremely deep and it will almost feel as if your feet are on the line the silver level still sees a solid boost as well making this badge good on almost any level relative to your three-point rating but for low rated Shooters and Corner players this is a c tier badge and you should look to spend your points elsewhere and for our last badge if you couldn't tell already we have green machine in the S tier for both play Styles which was previously in the 8th here in our last shooting tier list video with each make basically requiring a green release green machine is one of the best badges to have equipped and for me personally I always have it equipped and if I can get it to Hall of Fame I will it provides a slight Boost after your first make with a real boost will be after making two in a row and on your third shot with a good rating there's a hundred percent chance to make your shot when timed correctly at the hall of fame level which is why after our testing we bumped this badge up from the a tier into the S tier it's that simple now there you have it our revised shooting badge tier list for season three I'll put up the corner Shooters tier list up for just a bit as well so you can see it in its entirety but let me know in the comments which badges are ranked too high or too low or if they're just right and don't forget to leave a like if this video helped you much love thank you all for watching it's been spill and I'll catch you guys in the next video later