NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges Tier List : RANKING Every Badg Video

Best Shooting Badges in 2K23

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Best Shooting Badges in 2K Tier List

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one we're going to be going over our shooting badge tier list for season one and with the addition of badge tiers this year some badges become way more valuable than others and as you know they took out some badges from last year so we're going to be ranking these badges from least impactful all the way to most impactful and show you which ones you should be using so if you're new to the channel man be sure to subscribe turn those notifications on without further Ado let's get right into it [Music] now I know it's early in the game and you're probably looking at the shooting badges thinking about where to put them on your build and we're going to start in the seats here with the badges we think provide the least impact and work our way up to the badges we believe provides the most impact at this point of the game now we'll start with guard up and this badge sounds really good on paper but doesn't seem to activate as much as it should and it's not very practical either as most players will typically use the right stick to contest hands up or even obviously jump at the shooter now this badge just doesn't seem viable at this point in season one so we have it in the seats here next badge we have is Corner specialist and this is a badge we typically recommend at least on bronze but a lot of people have been calling it pointless and worthless and we recently tested it and it doesn't seem to provide any noteworthy impact so until we get further Clarity on this Badger until it proves to be useful this is a c tier badge for now as Corner shots are already pretty easy to hit next we have slippery off ball and this is a badge that a lot of people are actually quite high on this year and it may provide value as a tier one badge but they're still more impactful badges to use and animations you get from slippery off ball aren't even that much better and may be wiser to use these shooting badges for actual shooting next we have amped and this is a badge that is pretty much tireless shooter from previous 2ks and when doing anything below 50 stamina your make percentage is drastically reduced and this badge will help increase that make percentage and while we never usually recommend this badge stamina seems to play a larger role this year in 2K 23 so it may be wise to have this on especially if you like to dribble and this badge would be much better if it canceled out the speed penalty from low stamina when shooting but it doesn't and that's why we have it in the B tier as it does provide some value next we have midi magician and this is a badge that activates on post Fades and moving midis and this is an S tier badge for post scores and shot creators on the twos especially but I've been Greening with a 45 mid-range in my wide open mid-range shots and it seems you don't really need a high rating to hit your midis this year if you do have that particular play style though of those tysono type middies or your post score like to shoot post Fades this can be a really good badge but of course threes are still worth more than twos and that's why we have mini magician in the B tier moving on we have the Dead Eye badge and I'm going to put Deadeye and blinders both here in the B tier and that's not because they're not impactful but because we have to do more testing to see just how effective they are now when they activate their great badges but they don't seem to activate very consistently and we're going to be updating this list for season two when we find more concrete results but for now Deadeye and blinders both in the B tier next we have clutch shooter and we have this as a b tier Badge of course it works well in clutch moments and you'll get that boost but this badge also works on free throws like in past years and can definitely benefit people who still want to knock down free throws even with a lower rating so for that we have it in the B tier the Claymore badge a brand new badge that was introduced in 2k23 boost your shot percentage when remaining stationary for a catch and shoot shot and this is a b-tier badge and is decent if you sit corner or hash and if your role is to provide spacing it's a decent shooting badge to have equipped to get that nice little boost next we have catch and shoot and this has been a staple badge in 2K for years and we have it in the beach here because while it does activate quite often it doesn't activate on Limitless range or mid-range shots which hurts the overall effectiveness of the badge it's still one of the better shooting badges though if you're planning on spotting moving into the a tier we have volume shooter while we haven't tested it yet the early feedback on this badge is that it's been improved from last year so if you're a point guard or if you take a lot of shots in game this could definitely be a badge worth equipping especially at a tier 1 investment next we have space Creator and this is a badge that works really well if you're taking step back shots last year it was a playmaking badge and this year they made it a shooting badge fused with playmaking so now you can catch angles with this badge and not only that but it provides a boost to those shots as well so if you're taking step back shots and you have a decently High three point this is definitely a badge you want to have equipped then we have green machine and since every Mage shot on the perimeter this year is basically a green and there's no white this badge holds a little more value than it did in previous years especially for good Shooters this is an eight-tier badge if it's anything like it worked last year you knocked down two greens in that third green fourth green those come a little bit easier so in a game where shooting is a little bit tougher this year I think Green Machine definitely holds a lot of value moving on we have the new badge Comeback Kid and this is a badge that works and activates on all jumpers when you're down by at least seven so if you're ever down in the game this is going to to provide a solid boost and since the activation is so easy we have it in the a tier now we haven't tested the exact stats on the badge as it's tough to script getting the exact conditions right but we're working on a way to get those reliable numbers and we'll most likely have that video for you sometime in the future now we're moving on to the Str Badges and as you can see there's only two left so this list consists of the final two shooting badges which is Limitless range and agent three agent 3 is a badge I personally love and always use I love my Fades I gotta have this one equipped and it works on more than just Fades too it works on stop and pop shots it also works on Rhythm shooter threes that you would take from last year it activates all the time on almost every shot besides step backs and catch and shoots and it's definitely a badge you want to have equipped if you do more than just spot up now of course we have Limitless range and if you have a high three ball this badge even on Silver can provide great results when shooting from range and if you have 99 three point and access to the Hall of Fame Limitless badge it's like shooting with your feet on the line but from Beyond the hash that's how easy it feels now if you're a lower rated shooter this may be more of an eight-tier badge but if you're an aggressive shooter and looking to get your shot off whenever you want it's an absolute must-have now that is all we got for the season one shooting badge to your list let me know in the comments down below which badges are your favorite which badges you think maybe didn't get enough love as always don't forget to subscribe leave a like if you found this video helpful thank you guys for watching it's spill and I'll catch you guys in the next one later