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Replica Build Tier List 2K23

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Best 2K23 Replica Builds Tier List

Video Transcript:
what is good guys welcome to another nba 2k lab video by now i'm sure you guys have heard all the new replica builds that are coming out has sent the 2k community in an absolute frenzy and as you make these player builds the player nickname will actually appear as the build name on your player card whether you're in the park the city the wreck which i think is actually pretty cool but unfortunately while these build names are super dope the attributes aren't that great and you could probably make something better on your own my player with the correct thresholds luckily for you guys we put all these builds in one tier list in terms of how usable and fun they can actually be in terms of the park or the wreck so you can pick the best one we have 31 players so far and we're adding more as they're discovered onto our website at so if you want to make any of these builds in this tier list we'll have all the exact attributes on our website so with that being said if you guys are new to the channel subscribe like all that stuff and we're gonna get right into the video [Music] we're going to start with the guards here and we'll start off with the point god now he's got great shooting with a 91 midi and an 82 three point which makes him a viable point guard off the rip of course his playmaking is great and even gets hall of fame quick first step he's also one of the better defenders out of all the pgs here but since he's pretty short with lower than average acceleration we have him in the a-tier instead of s when it comes to the replica builds next it's tough to justify the answer any higher because of a shooting and below average finishing if you are good with layups though he can be effective in that area his physical is ranked among the top of the pg's but he would essentially be used as a slashing playmaker just hard to use being six foot with no shooting next of course we have the chef and he has great shooting and driving layup and he's your typical play shot with serviceable defense at an 80 perimeter and unlocks the curry slide in all elite dribble packages although you can't get his dribble style since he only has 87 speed with ball a solid replica build that you can definitely have some fun with next we have the logo he has very good shooting and very good defense with a 90 steel 87 perimeter which would be really good especially with his 69 wingspan he also has solid playmaking and he's one of the more well-rounded point guard replica builds that's why he is in the a tier agent zero is very quick with his speed and acceleration and is one of the better play shot options out of all the pgs with great shooting 92 ball handle for the elite six and then not to mention he has 75 dunk which is one of the higher ratings out of the point guards he lacks defense though which is why we have him in the b tier then we have swiper in the c tier but he is the best slashing playmaker out of all the guards and can definitely finish at the room effectively with both layups and dunks but he has a 69 three point shot so with that we have to bump him into the c tier and also his defense is some of the worst he is however very fast and can possibly be justified into the b tier depending on your play style then we have mr big shot he is in the s tier due to his well-rounded abilities he's really good he has solid shooting with great playmaking and perimeter defenses at 90 and to round it out he has great physicals with 80 strength and is the only point guard out of these replica builds to have enough strength to even unlock bronze bully i'm not sure if he has enough finishing badges for it though so that's something to keep in mind but he is asked here for all the other attributes next we have flash or dwyane wade and the shooting is pretty bad but he does have great driving layup and great defense with the 610 wing spin but his driving dunk is actually pretty low for d-wade he will work good as like a slashing defender with a little playmaking but with low shooting and low driving dunk we think this replica build is more in the c tier the glove obviously has great defense with 90 perimeter and a 91 steal with a 6a wingspan for a point guard and with the physicals to match he has little to no driving dunk though with solid layup to unlock some decent packages and his playmaking is actually borderline elite if you're making a point guard to slash play great defense and get some steals and can hit the occasional midi he's definitely a good pick then we have little penny who has the best well-rounded finishing among the point guards in this list especially considering his 83 dunk and 6-7 stature serviceable shooter with 77 mid-range and 3-point with great play-making having 91 ball handle but due to his low defense and average physicals we have him in the b tier instead of the a tier and next we have the matador mr luka doncic and he has slightly better shooting than penny but even worse defense he does have great playmaking and enough ball handle to unlock gold clamp breaker and some really good packages but his speed and acceleration are below average and he doesn't even have an 83 point according to his replica build so we have luca in the b tier now we're moving on to the wing players and out of all these wing players we have rip hamilton who has the second highest three ball with an 88 and has great thresholds for playmaking to unlock some decent packages his finishing also includes a 70 driving dunk and an 85 layup to be a well-rounded scorer now he has good defense with an 85 perimeter d and 70 steel with a 6-11 wingspan and while his physicals aren't great and slightly below average still very much serviceable which is why this well-rounded replica build makes the s tier now i know i'm going to catch some flack for this one but this young mamba build goes into the b tier and while he has great inside finishing enough for pro contacts and all the layout packages he has a good midi with an 86 but only a 71 three point which would be tough to be consistent in this year's 2k his playmaking is good enough for some packages but still lacking for a kobe build especially with speed with ball his perimeter is an 87 which is pretty good and it's a well-rounded build but we do have him in the b-tier now if you were mad before you'd probably be even more upset with this one mj has great finishing and gets elite contacts on this build but we have him in the seats here because he has a 53-3 point which severely limits his effectiveness he's got solid but not great defense with good steel and good physicals and playmaking that is similar to kobe but with that three point it's tough to justify him in any other tier next we have zion of course he has great finishing with a 93 dunk and 94 layup so if you're looking for a cool build name with a lot of finishing he's definitely your guy unfortunately he's shooting his 70s across the board and his playmaking is only okay but he lacks severely in defense and will get cooked in any game mode since he has a 51 perimeter and 55 interior which puts xenos in the c tier next we have vince's replica which makes for a very fun well-rounded build we have him in the a tier he has 96 driving dunk and an 83 point with enough playmaking for decent sigs slightly below average defense but still has a 72 perimeter to hold your own now his speed and acceleration are both 80 with a 91 vertical and honestly he would be in the s tier if he had slightly better defense or play making the half man half amazing build would be really fun in the park or even the wreck so that's why we have him in a tier derozan makes the b tier with his great inside finishing and dunking ability and also has great mid range with an 87 mid 77 three point which is better than most of these wing builds his playmaking is okay but not great and his defense is pretty bad although he does have a 77 perimeter debo definitely makes for a good slashing build that has decent shooting ability so that's why we have him in the b tier then we also have kawhi the claw and the b tier as well due to his highest in-class perimeter defense among these wing players with a 92 perimeter and a crazy 7-3 wingspan which is about the same as a lot of the centers on this list but he only has a 77 steel which is not like the claw exactly now he's fairly well rounded but not great in any one area besides defense which makes him a b tier replica build moving on we have the matrix and he makes the a tier because he's a very well-rounded wing he has pro contacts and above average shooting with an 83 midi and an 81 three point his playmaking is not good at all but considering his role he's not much of a ball handler anyways which allows for his defense to be great across the board now he's got interior perimeter rebounding and a little block with 85 steel and actually surprisingly solid physicals he is actually a really good build if you're trying to make an all-around lockdown build then we have the truth mr paul pierce and he's in the a tier due to his 91 three-point shot which is easily the highest among all wing players he's got 80 ball handle for some good packages and very solid finishing being 6-7 with a 6-11 wingspan and 87 perimeter he makes for a solid defender as one of the best well-rounded replica builds so far he is a bit slower when it comes to physicals and lacks speed with ball but can still get some dribbling packages to improve that otherwise he would be as tier we're gonna put larry in the seat here because of his nickname grandmama kidding aside he has solid inside finishing with great standing dunk and good strength for hall of fame bully but he's very underwhelming in a lot of the other categories and while he has decent interior and speed his other attributes are just not enough for me to justify putting him any higher another a-tier wing player we have clyde the glide actually has a great build and it makes the a-tier for how well-rounded and fun this build can actually be equipped with a 93 driving dunk and all elite contacts he's a great finisher and can be a consistent shooter with an 84 midi and even a 77 three point he has decent but slightly below average play making and solid all-around defense with better speed and acceleration he would definitely be in the s tier now i have the human highlight film and we put him in the c tier here because while he does have elite contacts the rest of his build is lacking with low shooting awful playmaking and while his defense is just okay it's just okay he doesn't have any other good attributes he has solid physicals but doesn't have enough other good attributes to be any higher then we have magic and his attributes besides playmaking are definitely lacking and even his speed with ball is pretty bad the shooting will be tough to be consistent with shooting attributes in the low 70s that being said he does have decent defense with 80 perimeter and 80 interior which will probably work well being 6'9 and about average physicals but since he's so tall with 90 close shot and driving layup he will be solid against other shorter pgs making him a decent build his unique style for his height definitely puts him up a tier into the b category moving on to the bigs we have hakeem the dream and he makes an appearance in the s tier as his paint mashing abilities will be tough to stop and he even has decent shooting compared to the other bigs on this list not only that but his inside defense and rebounding is great as well a solid choice for the s tier the rain man sean kemp makes the a tier with his 93 driving dunk which is the best among any bigs which makes this build pretty unique he has absolutely no shooting really which definitely limits his scoring ability but he has the highest speed with ball among these bigs and has very well-rounded defense with great rebounding and the best physicals among the big men as well he can most likely score at will in the paint which puts him in the a-tier despite his no shooting the joker won't wow you with his inside finishing but it's still more than solid but what makes him a tier is his exceptionally high pass accuracy compared to the other pigs not only that but he has the best mid-range with an 89 and his defense is pretty bad all around which makes sense but that's why we don't have him in the s tier now off the rip baby boogie makes the s tier with his 97 standing dunk and the best shooting among all bigs on this list with an 80 mid range and an 83 point his defense aside from perimeter is great and he has great rebounding making him an easy choice for the s tier unfortunately kg goes to the c tier because his replica build doesn't really wow me in any area and while his defense is solid it's only okay when we're thinking about the big ticket now he does have an 88 mid range and okay inside finishing but rebounding is a little below average compared to the other guys so that's why we have him in the c tier the big fundamental makes the b tier for his well-rounded build which has everything but three-point and play-making he has the best interior defense and blocking ability of all the big men and he's got a 70 mid-range which can be serviceable and not to mention he has a 98 post control so the big fundamental makes sense to be in the b tier now if you're strictly playing defense and looking to rebound the worm build will be more aids here with his 99 rebounding but since his other areas lack so much besides his great standing dunk it's tough to put him anywhere else on this tier list since he's so one-dimensional not to mention his short height although his vertical does make up for some of that that is all we got for this tier list here like i said this list will be frequently updated on our website as the players are discovered but for now that's all we got and if you guys watched the whole video through let me know in the comments your favorite player nickname or your favorite build don't forget to check out if you're looking to make any of these player builds appreciate you all for watching it's been spill i will catch y'all in the next video later