Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K23 : Quick First Step Badge Video

Best Playmaking Badges on 2K23: Quick First Step

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Quick First Step Badge Guide

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sam fam welcome back to the 2k lab channel today we're going to talk about the best play making badges on nba 2k 23. so in this video we'll be breaking down the quick first step batch in detail we'll show you just exactly how much faster each batch level is relative to each other we'll also show you some activation scenarios but in regards to the frame speed at 60fps you can see no batches at 71 here and once you're able to achieve the bronze level there's a little bit of a speed jump at 68 frames and then going up to silver is going to get you another increase the jump from silver to gold is small but it's still significant even though it's one frame you get a 65 now hall of fame is the highest jump at 62 frames so that's a lot faster when compared to no batch and in regards to percentage you can see hall of fame is a whole 12 percent faster with gold at eight percent silver at seven and bronze at four so bronze gonna give you that decent jump if you can get it it's still better than no badge while gold and silver super close hall of fame is the one though you can get it to that you're going to feel a noticeable difference so in regards to activation holding it and then dribbling forward is one way momentum crosses are also another way you can trigger quick first up of plenty as you can see from here and this year triple fret behind the back the triple fret jab and go quick first step will also pop up this does take a little bit of timing so you have to practice to nail this activation down but when you do nail it down you can't get it to pop up jab and goes and off behind the backs so overall it does make quick first have a very high usage badge no matter what you be doing and for today in the comment section make sure you put in the batch level you have equipped for quick first step and the build you got and how you feel about it let us know how this bat works for you because this year little guards can use it and so can big match so i would love to hear just the big man's feedback on this and how quick first step has been working for you and have you been able to take advantage of it and for the little guards let us know if you feel quick first step is fast enough because it doesn't seem as strong as last year but it's still pretty effective so as always thanks for coming by we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon