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Premium Jumpshot Comparisons by NBA2KLab for NBA 2k23

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we'll be showing you our newly designed premium jump shot feedback and recommender to help you clean more shots so we play this game to Green our shots and over the years the only information we really get on how we're doing in terms of you know our attempts to Green this is 2K shot feedback and it's just not enough information when you see the excellent feedback what it really means is you have hit a shot within the green window and this year the blue line that's 2k23 and those two solid green lines is the 2k23 green window and if you hit a shot in there and you get that excellent timing it could actually mean you only hit the early part of the green window right there which is not a great shot but you can still green but the best shot is this one where you're right smack in the middle and that distance between the early advice back in the middle that's the skill Gap and we believe with our new jump shot feedback and recommended tool you'll be able to gain the skills and information you need to achieve this skill Gap so this is how our recommender work now the link will be in the description below so you can connect to our website and it will be under the premium section and would mean a lot to us if you consider to support this project through premium because that's going to allow us to further grow this plus continue to give you all the free information that we always do for you guys so how this tool works is you're going to connect your controller and once you have done that you can actually take shots through the shot button and you're going to immediately get feedback but it's going to be down to the millisecond so here you can see I have my PS5 controller plugged in Xbox works also at numbers I'm taking these shots I get the immediate feedback and after 10 shots will give you an average score and the average score you see actually has the highest and the lowest value of the 10 shots removed so the outliers are gone now but there's more so now that you know the millisecond or your average you can actually further select the base maybe you like to use and you can pick that base all right so I picked the Kobe Bryant base here and once again I'm taking my 10 shots and I'm trying to get it within the base as I know naturally because I like using that bass and I'm just trying to do it as I normally would green it and as you can see now I get the average score but on the bottom I also know the green window of the Kobe base and which is 531 to 5 80 we'll give you that information and further down we also going to give you a recommendation of what kind of shot timing you should be in in this case like I met very early based on how you perform in those 10 shots now if selecting a base is not your finger you want a full recommendation you can also select as recommended in your base and in this case you will have to select a user height so in let's just say six six for this instance and you also need to select a free Pawn rating so let's go with 80. so once you've inputted those you want to go back and now take your 10 shots again as you naturally like it like a rhythm or like a way you like to shoot your own timing for you know how you feel most comfortable to repeat consistently and once you've done that we'll recommend you a base we'll recommend you a release and we'll also recommend you a short timing so all of this information plus your average score with those 10 shots with the outline removed is also there alright so if you want to try this out link is in the description below and once again this is a premium service so if you choose to support that will mean a ton to us and so it will help us further grow the channel and give you all the free information that we always do on the tick tock on YouTube on shorts and everything with Badges and data and all that all right so as always thanks for coming by hope you enjoyed this leave it in the comment section on how this works for you and how you feel about it and then hopefully we'll speak to you guys again very soon