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NBA 2K24 Post Lockdown vs Post Spin Tutorial

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and in this quick video we'll be looking at two badges and those are going to be post lockdown and postpin technician and more importantly we're going to see what happens when you pit these two badges up against each other so if you enjoy this type of content don't forget to subscribe and let's get right into the [Music] video postpin technician is a pretty Niche badge but it can work very effectively when paired with other post moves and counters and then post lockdown is a great badge to have to help stop these types of moves but just how effective are each of these badge levels against each other and which badge level should you target we tested this and recorded the number of successful post spins out of 100 attempts at each badge level for each badge and also without the badge as well the players used in the test were the same height weight and strength and here's our results starting with post lockdown this badge seems to actually work pretty well relative to each badge level but the silver level looks to offer Great Value without needing an over-the-top attribute requirement but still providing solid results but if you're looking for a little more interior defense the gold level of post lockdown should do wonders it seems as if going for H post lockdown might be Overkill as it requires a 96 interior and at least an 89 strength but the numbers do look pretty staggering you just have to decide if the investment is worth it for you personally silver has treated me well as a wing player but gold does seem like good value as well moving on to post spin technician this is a relatively cheap badge as it only requires post control and the post control requirement for these badge levels is fairly low making this a pretty easy badge to acquire especially for smaller builds with that being said said the lower levels of post spin technician aren't going to give you great results but they will eventually give you a nice spin every once in a while but once you get to the gold and Hall of Fame levels you'll start to see a noticeable uptick in successful post spins for example the gold level of post spin technician is about 22% more successful than the silver level when going up against a player with no post lockdown badge gold post spin tech provides insane value as you only need an 81 post control and the results look pretty good but if post scoring is your main bag then I would for sure Target the Hall of Fame level now that is all we got for this double badge test and if you guys found this video helpful don't forget to drop a like thank you all for watching it's spill and I'm out later