NBA 2K24 Best Build Badges for Shooting Fades: Post Fade Phe Video

2K24 Best Shooting Badges: Post Fade Phenom

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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2K24 Best Badges: Post Fade Phenom

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and in this quick video we'll be taking a look at the post fade Phenom badge and go over the green window size and make percentage at each level this badge requires post control and one of either close shot or mid-range but the definition says that it improves a player's ability to make post Fades and hop shots these types of shots can be very deadly with little practice just because of how the mid-range works this year in NBA 2k 24 it's worth putting into your bag especially if you're a big or you don't have much ball handling in general it doesn't require much at all to be effective and we tested each badge level at the respective attribute ratings so keep that in mind when viewing these results for this test we took a total of 8,000 shots at each badge level and without the badge and you can clearly see the pure green window expanding at just the bronze level giving bronze post fade Phenom great value with the only requirements being 59 post control and either a 61 mid-range or 65 close shot this pure green window expands to 20 milliseconds which is the same as all of the other badge levels which is another reason why bronze offers Great Value now the silver level shows no significant Improvement movement but as we get to the gold level you can see the edges of the green window start to see a better make percentage now this isn't exactly RNG so let me explain it quickly basically your shot timing and green window May differ slightly depending on where the ball is when you start your shot so where you see in the middle of the green window is actually the overlap of where it doesn't matter where you start the shot it's still going to be Green Hall of Fame shows a slight improvement over the gold level but it may not be worth targeting unless this is your primary source of scoring now overall bronze offers insane value but if you find yourself shooting a lot of these types of shots we recommend targeting gold at a minimum the gold level is still fairly cheap by only requiring a 75 post control and a 79 mid-range now that is all we got for the Post fade Phenom badge I hope this helped you guys and if it did be sure to leave a like it's Ben spill and I'm out later