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Best Playmaking Badges in 2K23

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Best Playmaking Badges on 2K

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one we'll be going over our playmaking badge tier list in NBA 2K 23. just like we do all of our tier list videos we'll start at the bottom in the CTR with the badges that we believe provide the least impact and work our way up to the S tier to the badges that we believe provide the most impact now typically we'll have other play Styles and their tier list on the side but for this video since a lot of playmaking badges have the same effect we're just going to keep it straightforward with the exception of just a few badges that may be better for Bigs than guards so with that being said let's get started starting off we're going with ankle breaker in the C tier and with so many other playmaking badges taken priority this badge is in the seat here because it doesn't activate very often unless you have ankle break and takeover activated you won't be seeing many ankle breakers in the first place so that's why we have it in the C tier now next we have brake starter and as a guard it doesn't make much sense so we have it in the C tier but of course as a big you'll be grabbing a lot of rebounds making this badge a necessity to throw accurate Outlet passes so for Biggs it's a must-have and we have it in the S tier moving on to floor General and we have this badge in the CTR since there are so many other badges to equip as a primary ball handler but it can be a solid badge to equip for big to give your team a little boost now since bakes don't need many playmaking badges it makes sense for them to equip it and help the team if they have enough badge points now we have post playmaker and this is a CTR badge for all primary ball handlers of course it will be better for Biggs but it's a tier 3 badge for players 610 and up making it tough to equip unless you're heavily invested in play making moving into the B tier for our first badge we have dimer as we don't feel it should be a badge you should prioritize but it can be a decent batch to equip if you have some extra batch points laying around to give your teammates a slight boost we'll be running tests on this badge soon to get the results for each badge level next we have killer Combos and there's still a lot of mystery surrounding this badge so we have it in the B tier for now and the idea of the badge sounds great but we've yet to find concrete results to justify this badge being any higher the mismatch expert is also a b-tier badge and for shorter guards it may make sense to run it to get the Boost but unless you have extra badge points laying around it's going to be tough to equip over all the other good playmaking badges like quick first step unpluckable and a bunch of others now for this next badge I know a lot of people think this one should be higher but we have needle threader in the beach here and it feels like it works great sometimes but it doesn't feel consistent it's a good patch to have equipped to help your passes get through easier in certain situations and it can also help stun out of place Defenders but the cost of equipping this badge and unlocking the higher levels of needle threader is very costly for an inconsistent badge next we have special delivery in the B tier and while this badge isn't great it can act as a dimer boost for flashy passes and of course help with alley oops and if you have extra play making badge points you could toss one in here but this badge is also completely skippable now for vice grip we have it in the B tier as it's a nice to have badge but it's not entirely necessary by any means especially as a primary ball handler as a big though we have it in the a tier because of the ball security Factor when bringing down rebounds and catching those passes of course everybody loves to reach on the bigs so this badge is obviously a little more valuable for taller players now we're moving into the a-tier badges and bailout is one of my personal favorites you only need this badge on bronze to be effective and without it if you ever bail out of a shot there's a high chance for a fumble catch and or a turnover so if you ever bail out of shots this bad is a must-have to ensure your teammates will catch the ball more often than not now another a-tier badges handles for days as it will greatly increase the number of dribble moves you can perform before running out of stamina pretty self-explanatory but with stamina being so important this year this badge is a must-have for primary ball handlers for hyperdrive it's in the a tier since it's only one of two badges that can help speed up your player when dribbling it's not the best batch but it's definitely solid and if you like to attack the rim this badge should definitely be equipped now finally we get into the S tier Badges and we're starting with clamp breaker it's in the S tier for its ability to counter the clamps badge and it's just going to give you much easier blow-bys in general this is one of the best playmaking badges for any build that likes to drive to the rim and you should have it on as high of the level as you can get it quick first step is easily in the S tier as the best play making badge for any build that puts the ball on the floor and that bursts the speed you get from this badge is extremely beneficial to create separation from your defender of course not much needs to be said about quick First Step everybody tries to get this badge and for taller players you can also unlock higher levels of this badge with post control so it works for both bigs and guards now lastly we have unpluckable in the S tier strictly due to the glove badge being extremely op having unplugable equipped obviously doesn't guarantee you won't get the ball stolen from you matter of fact as far from it but if you don't have it on don't be surprised when you're getting plugged left and right and no fouls are ever being called this badge is a must-have now that covers all 16 playmaking Badges and we've done tests on almost half of the play making badges so far so if you're looking for the stats or which level you should be using you can always check them out at and we'll be updating the website as we finish these tests thank you guys for watching and if you found the video helpful don't forget to drop a like it's spill and I will catch you guys in the next video later