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Passing Styles in 2K23

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Best Passing Styles in 2k

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about passing styles on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be breaking down four different passing styles for you guys and that is fundamental Jason Williams LeBron James and none will make each style go for a series of passes to see if there is a frame speed difference or an animation difference amongst themselves so let's begin by having each style do a pick and roll recycle in the past and you can see the wind up for the fundamental passing style is 54 frames and that's the slowest amongst the group so this style is not suited for this type of passes now with Jay Wills passing style the wind up in the same situation is only 25 frames and once the ball leaves the passer's hand it takes 45 frames to get to the receiver for a combined Total Wine up plus pass 70 frames but with the j-woo style there's also a chance in added animation will trigger in the same situation and for this one the wind up is 28 frames the past 43 for a total of 71. so different animations can trigger now LeBron also has two animations this is his first one the windup is 25 frames the pass 45 for a total of 70 of the property notice by now the past travel speed don't change too much it is the wind up that function rates more this is LeBron's second animation and the windup for this one takes 22 frames but because he steps into the past has travel speed has been decreased to 41 for a combined total of 60 free frames so this is one of the better weak side pass animations out there and it is actually the same animation that you get from the nun package which is still 22 Winder frames 41 pass travel with a total of 60 free so at this point what you have to understand is different passing Styles give you different wind-up animations and each style could have multiple wind-up animations but the past Chapel speed don't change once the ball leaves your hand that speed stays true to your past accuracy it is the wind up that's creating all the difference so let's move on to chest passes so this is one fundamental chest pass animation this one takes 30 frames to wind up 42 pass travel 72 frames total and this is the second animation you could possibly get there's a 16 lineup 37 pass travel 53 total a bit faster Diego on the other hand also has a two animation choice this one is the slower one so this one the wind up is 31 frames the pass travel 33 64 total and this unfortunately is not a very good pass now he's got a better one as a second animation for these kind of Standards still chest passes the Y number is 20 frames travel 36 frames combine total 56 but both jaywill and fundamental styles are not good for this none is pretty good it's got a windup of 20 and then 37 pass level and 57 frames in total and that's not even the better animation it's got a second one that could possibly trigger and this one sits at 16 lineup 37 pass level speed for 53 total the LeBron style has two animation options and both are pretty good this one's the wind up with 16 frames past travel 37 total of 53. it's also got a second one which is a little bit slower but not a huge drop off like you know J Will and fundamental so that's still solid and if we move on to the roll passes 9 is pretty consistent and it's kind of shining with the 21 wind up 24 and 45 LeBron style has the same actually role pass as the nun style and you can see it's the exact same password the exact same frame speed but Jay will probably takes the KK with his style because he's got this excellent kind of behind the head kind of throw the numbers are the same but this one's got a better angle and even with all the extra flare the speed is actually exactly the same as none and LeBron so worth considering but where the J Will passing style shines most is probably the stand still bounce passes where his speeds are good but he has this extra step out on his animation to create an extra Lane to make the pass you can see if we use it for none of fundamental or Lebron they don't take that extra step as the stand still bounce pass animation so a lot of these balls get tipped sometimes they go through but the jail one is excellent because of that and in regards to a recommendation we definitely wait highly on Lebron Nine is also a close second fundamental is an absolute no while jaywill takes a lot of investment and it's kind of hard to just fight because his good passes are good but he has a tendency of triggering his bad ones and he has bad animations in him so he's risky so in the comment section today let us know which passing style you're rocking with and leave your feedback so everybody can see it we can share our experience amongst ourselves and most importantly just don't do fundamental those overhead passes are extremely frustrating avoid that at all cost let us know your style let us know which one is your favorite if you want to see more of these Styles comparison with the other ones let's get this video to 3 000 likes and I'll get to producing that for you guys right away overall though I find it pretty cool that these are in the game and hopefully 2K will build amongst them and they're a nice addition I appreciate this one so as always thanks for coming by make sure you check out the website for more information as we do hundreds of thousands of tests on there and we look forward to speaking you guys again very soon