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Best Controller Settings for Passing in 2K23

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam Fab and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab Channel today we're gonna talk about the best controller settings on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be taking a deep dive into your controller settings and showing you what you can change to help you get unexpected baskets with more control so normally this is not a pass you want to throw but with the correct settings you can add a lot of control or English to your passes and you can actually turn bad situations into advantageous situations where you can score in order to bounce passes and law passes you're seeing here are actually coming off icon passing and if you like to do so all you got to do is change your settings so if you enjoy these settings tutorial just get this video to 1500 likes and we'll make more of these for you guys and also make sure to leave a comment on what settings you would like us to break down for you in future videos and the setting we'll focus on today is changing icon passing to past head control now normally a regular icon pass is where you tap the icon and you make a regular path so either be a chest pass or one hand pass and the success of this pass really is up to your past accuracy and your passing style but you have little to no user control on what kind of pass you end up throwing however if you change it to pass type a joke with your icon packing you can actually double tap the icon to get bounce passes now if you're single tap it you still get the regular pass double tap is Bounce and if you hold that icon you get these lobs what this really does is give you a lot of control on what kind of pass you throw because you can turn good situations into great situations as you see here with these icon bounce passes where I'm double tapping the icon you can also use the icon bounce pass to wait out the read and throw a balance instead of chest pass to decrease the chance of your defense stealing it you can also do skip bounce passes because you're doing it off the icon so you know exactly who you're bouncing it to with more accuracy now you can also hold down the icon to throw these law passes to get around the defense especially in pick and roll situations or in a mismatch where you know you're bigger or you can wait out the reach and if you know the roller is ahead of the play you can drag out the pick and roll love it to increase the angle and the time the ball is in the air to throw up the defense you can see here they couldn't get that reach because I loved it so that's also goes a long way of helping you get more assists and just you know keeping the ball set that's a law passed to a size mismatch impossible to get because the player is so much taller so overall if you want to see other settings break down like this just leave a comment for which other ones you want to see as always hopefully this helped you out and thanks for coming by and make sure to check out the website for more information and we look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon