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Pass Accuracy in 2K23

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What does Pass Accuracy Do in 2k?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is samfa welcome back to the 2k lab channel today we're going to help give you a better understanding of past accuracy in 2k 23. so with the batch bullet passer being gone in this year's game your pass speed is actually now determined by your rating and pass accuracy and in this video we'll be showing you exactly how fast your passes are by the frame at different increments of passive accuracy going from 60 70 80 90 and 99 and we'll also be giving you a list of recommendations of what we think is the best accuracy for you in this year's game so let's begin by looking at the frame speed of passes at different increments of pass accuracy here's a series of four core passes done at 60 accuracy 70 80 90 and 99 and at 60 accuracy this full court pass ended up being 74 frames now we push it all the way up to 99 the pass becomes 58 frames and not only that from what we have seen at 99 accuracy you actually get some of the best animations to trigger most often so that's a ridiculous full court chess pass and in regards to our recommendations 70 accuracy would be considered as minimum because it pretty much has the same effect as last year's silver bullet passes and we also recommended silver bullet passer for 22 and if you're wondering what pass accuracy rating this year is similar to gold bullet passes from last year that would be between about 86 to 90. at this range you're gonna get some pretty good passes much like last year you know with gold bullet for this next series of passes you can see a whole bunch of uh bouncer ones in the half court so obviously overall frame speed is faster than the full cord but you can tell at each level of accuracy increments it grows at a pretty similar rate and obviously as you get to that 90 range is fast but if you get to 99 once again better animation and 99 is pretty much even better than hall of fame bullet pass from last year so that's something to keep in mind and obviously before we mention 70 as a minimum but 65 is the absolute flaw we do not recommend you to go lower than that even though we're showing you know clips of 60 accuracy because 65 you can get like bronze spare up so that's pretty important so 65 absolute floor and also don't forget the batch crew hands is now no longer in the game so last year we had bullet passes and glue hands this year we kind of just have the effects of bullet passing with impasse accuracy so something to keep in mind as we have so far seen passes are kind of all over the place without the existence of glue hands in general so to sum it up for you 65 is the absolute floor 70 silver bullet passes like last year minimum gold range if you like to pass more 86 to 90 and hall of fame plus kind of an overkill really and 99 accuracy but the effects are kind of crazy and if you're interested in how passing styles in this year works in relation to all of this we'll get those numbers out to you once we have them finished up but for now you can head over to our website to check out the animation requirements needed for that and also a whole bunch of other things that's going to help you make better builds so hopefully this will help you give you a better understanding of passive adequacy as always thanks for coming by and we look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon