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NBA 2K24 Needle Threader Playmaking Badge

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome back to the channel today we'll be doing a badge test on a playmaking badge on NBA 2K 24 so in this video we'll be focusing on the needle Fred badge and we'll be giving you its stun percentage from bronze and all the way up to Hall of Fame and in case you're wondering why I'm mentioning stun percentage in relation to the needle for the badge let me tell you why so focus on the definition first this badge is supposed to give you a boost to your players's passing ability when you're passing through a tight window now this boost actually comes in the form of a stun and that's what it is so focus on this Defender here who is guarding a pass that is being thrown by a player who has Hall of Fame needle FR and as the pass plays out in this incident The Bash did not trigger so you can see the defender is in good position and he wasn't stun at all as the pass is being thrown back and we run this back one more time same thing The Bash did not trigger here so no stun now let's look at an incident where it did happen so you can see the ball is going over the defender's head now the stun is about to K kick in so watch The Defender you see that emosion there he was stunned now you can watch this in real time here the help Defender is recovering and he was stunned again so that's needle F the batch now by the Numbers at no batch you actually still get a stun percentage but the very low one at 1.5% if you get it up to bronze you get it at 5.5% so that's a pretty good jump going up to Silver you're going to get a 2% jump so your overall St percentage now becomes 7.5 and getting it through gold will give you actually a bigger jump and now you're going to go up all the way to 12% and if you go all the way to Hall of Fame it's going to be 15% so a 3% difference between gold and Hall of Fame as for our recommendations you can see the pass accuracy requirement there bronze a 77 pass act for an off ball player is probably a good area to go for since most would be going with 75 pass accuracy anyways but as a big man since you'll be chasing up the Hall of Fame brick starter you can pretty much get needle frer on gold at 91 pass accuracy and here are all the badge percentages for you all lined up and let us know in the comment section what level you have been running needle Fred on and what's your experience with it and as always thank you for coming by make sure to check out for more bash ads jump shot stats and even free tools to help you with your builds and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon