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Middy Magician Badge Test in 2K23

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What does Middy Magician do in 2k23?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one we're going to be looking at the mini magician badge and going over whether or not you should be using it so definitely more of a niche badge for certain play Styles but the requirement to get Hall of Fame is fairly low and has a lot of people wondering if it's worth it well I'm here to tell you guys that after seeing the results from our testing this might be one of my new favorite budget badges to equip but before we get into the video If you enjoyed this type of content be sure to subscribe and without further Ado let's get right into it [Music] so the long definition of the badge says that it boosts the effectiveness of pull-ups spin shots and fadeaways from the mid-range area now this means any type of regular fade or dribble pull-up double tapping shoot for a spin shot and it even works on post fadeaways however it doesn't work on post hop shots as that's going to trigger space Creator so basically any space crater shot in the mid-range will not trigger midi magician now if you're like me you probably don't use mid-range as much but this year they actually feel really easy to hit even with a low rating but once you start moving and taking off dribble shots though you may want a higher rating tick consistently keep in mind that when you start building takeover your attributes naturally get higher so if you do have a lower mid-range rating it may be wise to wait until you start getting hot before taking these types of shots when we tested this badge we took 1400 shots per badge level for a total of 8 400 shots and since it took an 81 rating to get Hall of Fame mini magician we decided to use that rating for this test looking at the graph you can see that the bronze level seems to provide about a 10 to 15 boost in certain parts of the green window and since it's a tier 1 badge for all builds it's only going to cost you one badge point for a decent boost which is a great return on your investment the silver and gold levels don't see a huge Boost from bronze as they only seem to help slightly on the later edge of the green window once you get to the Hall of Fame level though many magicians sees a significant boost throughout the entirety of the green window and especially on the earlier edges now we also tested this badge on Hall of Fame with a 92 rating and you can see that with a higher rating your make percentage will be about 10 better and you'll actually be able to hit 100 of your shots when timed correctly now I know a lot of people go for the 81 midi to get this badge on Hall of Fame and while that's usually more than enough that 92 rating looks a little bit different and it's definitely something to consider when making a new build if you like that mid-range area now this badge definitely requires a certain type of play style and it may be more suited for the park as there's just going to be way more space for you to create without seeing much help from other Defenders it's especially good for twos when it's make it take it and that midi might be available more often than not now if you do take the occasional moving midi we recommend throwing this badge on bronze but if you're the type of player that lives in the mid-range then we recommend taking Hall of Fame for a significant boost to your make percentage now that is all we got for the mini magician badge if you found this video helpful don't forget to leave a like it's been spelled and I'm out later