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Middy Magician Badge Test in 2K24

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What does Middy Magician do in 2k24?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and in this quick video we'll be looking at the popular midi magician badge in NBA 2k 24 and talking about the effectiveness of each badge level mini magician says that it boosts the effectiveness of pull-ups and spin shots from the mid-range area so if you're taking faders or spin shots from the mid-range this badge can help boost your make percentage drastically it's different than the space Creator badge so these two badges don't stack this is an insanely popular badge and since it seems 2K has been trying to incorporate more mid-range play in 2K 24 it's definitely a badge worth targeting but which level provides the best value and which is the most effective let's dive into the results of our test but before we do that I just want to let you guys know you can view the results of all the badges we've tested so far for free at just go over to the sidebar where it says badges click that and you can click on badge test to get the full results now looking at the mini magician results we're going to start with the bronze level and something to note before we get into it is that we tested each level at the respective attribute rating the most noticeable thing here is that the green window doesn't expand at this low of a rating even with bronze mini magician you can see the edges of the green window do see a slight boost but not enough to make make an impact at this rating or badge level now I know it looks like RNG since it's not entirely a pure green window but that's because of the animations being slightly different from where the ball is in your hand when you press the shoot button it creates an RNG like result which is another reason why you may feel like your jump shot timing may be slightly off at times but moving on to the silver level we can see some great value here as you only need a 72 mid-range rating to unlock it and you get a huge pure green window so if you were looking for a serviceable badge level when it comes to MIDI magician silver might be the one I for one in personally targeting the gold level I prefer to have the higher mid-range rating and also you can see the edges of the green window don't drop off around that 800 millisecond Mark now while the Hall of Fame level looks somewhat underwhelming by the chart it's still worth targeting if mid-range is your primary source of scoring and on top of that getting into that 90 plus mid-range rating will give you great shooting Badges and makes it really tough to stop those powerful mid-range shots even when contested now that is all we have for the mini magician badge if you found this video helpful be sure to drop a like it's been spill and I'm out later