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Should I use No Meter or Meter in NBA 2K23?

Video Transcript:
What is good everybody, its spill here and welcome back to another nba2klab video. This video is always one of my favorites to give you guys and as you can see by the title its the meter vs no meter test. Mike Wang mentioned you will once again receieve a boost for turning your meter off so in this video we're going to test that boost and even compare it to last years boost to see how much has changed. These videos are always short so watch the whole thing thru and subscribe if you havent already. And without further adue, lets get right into it. The no meter boost has been a thing for years now, some years its stronger than others, so every year we take a look at how strong the boost is. For the test, we took 200 shots for every 5 milliseconds throughout the green window with the meter on, then we run the same exact test again but with the meter off. These were done with the exact same player with the same exact jump shot. The orange line represents the no meter boost and you can see that theres a slight boost to your make percentage at most timings, but the boost is definitely not as huge as previous years. When you turned your meter off in 2K22, some edges of the green window saw around a 20% make increase and the shooting was very forgiving when you selected the no meter option. This year seems to be a buit different. When it comes to shooting the most important thing to is knowing your shot timing, because if you are even slightly off, the boost will not save you. If you're wondering if you should turn your meter off this year, I'd say its mostly personal preference since the boost isn't game changing like in NBA2K22. But if you're struggling with timing, try using the meter until you learn your shot and then maybe consider turning your meter off for the slight boost. That is all we got for this video, if you made it this far comment down below wether you're using meter or no meter and like the video if you found it helpful. Its spill and Ill catch you guys in the next video.. Later.