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2K24 Shooting with Low 3 Point Rating

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NBA 2K24 Low 3 Point Rating Guide

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to be taking a look at lower three-point ratings and their respective make percentage we made a similar video for a wider range of three-point ratings so if you want to see that one we'll leave a link in the description down below but for this video we're going to be looking at three-point ratings from 73 all the way to 83 if you want to see even lower ratings let's get this video to 1,500 likes without further Ado let's get right into [Music] it now all the clips you're going to see in this video is with a 76 3point rating and I've actually been finding it to be very effective whether I'm shooting Fades after I've built up some takeover or even shooting off Rhythm dribbles wide open shots feel pretty easy to hit at this point in the year now I mainly play park and wreck and I know proam is much different in terms of Sliders but I still believe a 76 3point rating is more than enough to hit consistently if you have a decent mid-range for the extra badges contrary to popular belief shooting actually did get a pretty significant buff and what was still throwing people off was all the timing changes but even before for the buff Mike Wang had a tweet saying that for those asking what rating you need to be consistent depends on your skill and shot IQ some will be deadly with a 75 3point While others will go 1 for 10 try out the build tester or 2ku with different NBA players on Hoff to get an idea for what you need for your build so even before the patch Mike wayang was quoted saying a 75 3point can be deadly in the right hands so imagine now how that rating feels after patch not to mention a 76 3-point rating unlock Silver Corner specialist and bronze agent 3 which personally helps my type of shots now for this chart we did our standard test of 200 shots for every 5 milliseconds throughout the green window for every three-point rating from 73 to 83 for a total of 19,800 shots I promise you won't find more accurate tests anywhere now all these shots were taken with no badges no takeover added and no hot zones to give you the most raw and pure data looking at the chart there's a couple key points here and the first is that we're seeing a pure green window for each of these ratings some not exactly 100% but still only a few percentage off at 97% now a 76 3point rating is actually the first to hit exactly 100% at 610 milliseconds another key Point here is that right around a 79 3point rating you'll start to see your early make percentage increase a decent amount giving you more flexible RNG for slightly mistiming your shot other than that if you're trying to figure out what three-point rating you should Target in this range it really depends on the badges you need but I definitely wouldn't go lower than a 74 as you get silver catch and shoot at that threshold and being a low rated shooter that's a pretty important badge now I personally like 76 as I feel it offers Great Value in terms of Badges and rating but you can also get gold Claymore at 82 which can be beneficial if you're on a spot up build But ultimately what I'm saying is while these lower ratings can be effective find which badges fit your play style the most and try to Target those to maximize the rest of your build always keep in mind though that you still need a certain mid-range or three-point rating to unlock your desired shooting base so make sure you find a lower rated jump shot you're comfortable with before just jumping into a lower three-point build I like to increase the mid-range on my build so I do unlock the bases I want anyways so that's just another route you can take as well but that is all we got for this three-point rating video if you found it helpful be sure to leave a like and if we get to 1,500 likes we'll do the make percentage of even lower three-point ratings and you guys can comment down below what you want to see next now it's been thank you all for watching I'm out [Music] later