NBA 2K23 Limitless Takeoff Badge Test : Best Finishing Badge Video

Best Finishing Badges in NBA2K23: Limitless Takeoff

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Top Finishing Badges in 2k23: Limitless Takeoff

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about Limitless takeoff on NBA 2K 23. so in this video we'll break down the Limitless takeoff bash to you in detail we'll explain the nature of the badge to you and also we're going to show you a success rate at each batch level so the key thing to understand about this batch is that Limitless takeoff can help you buff dunk animations from certain packages and once this animation is buffed you get a further launch point so what you're about to see here is a Hall of Fame Limitless takeoff triggering with the Uber athletic Tomahawk down package and as you can see the takeoff Point here is extremely far and you can see the badges pop which means this animation has been buffed and as you can see when it launches it's got that gliding effect with the animation and that's a beautiful Limitless takeoff down however Limitless takeoff does not trigger all the time once you have it equipped so the same animation can still trigger without the buff so you can see here the launch point is much closer but as the animation plays out it is the same as that Limitless one without the gliding effect so this is what it looks like when the animation triggers but the badge doesn't pop above it and when it comes to each batch level it doesn't help improve or further your takeoff as you can see here over level has around the same takeoff point but what it does do is the better your batch the higher the chance of your success rate of Limitless take off triggering so by the Numbers at the bronze level your success rate is at one percent and that's kind of unfortunate at Silver it's not much better at three percent so you're not gonna see it pop a ton on Silver is there a chance yes but it's more now gold makes a significant jump to 10 so at this stage it's kind of worth it because when it does pop you can see the effects are 3D dramatic and a 10 it's doable Hall of Fame is by far the best at 14 so when you get it to this point you will see it much more often than not but bronze and silver is pretty much close to non-existent so overall if you plan to do Limitless down and that's your style of play we recommend getting this to at least gold because at 10 you will actually find some use of it at bronze and silver you're rarely gonna see a trigger and if you push it all the way to Hall of Fame obviously that's best but that takes a lot of investment so here are a few more down packages that has the Limitless takeoff trigger potential and also if you made it this one to the video leave your down package in the comment section and your experience with it especially if your videos take off definitely let us know how your dump package is working for you so as always if you enjoyed us please as a like and also consider going to our website where we do hundreds of thousands of more tests for you we really appreciate your support and we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon