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How good is Limitless Range in NBA2K23?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody and welcome to another NBA 2K Lab video we have a special one for you today and this is one I love to do every year and as you can see by the title we're going to be looking at Limitless range we're going to go over where and how it activates and of course go over the stats for each badge level I want to give a quick shout out to my guy Tony from the six as he hooked us up with all of these Limitless clips that you see in the video I'll leave his links down below be sure to subscribe if you haven't already and turn those notes on for the best stats and info on 2K without further Ado let's get right into it [Music] first we wanted to see how and where Limitless range activates since last year it had a few odd rules now the badge this year is basically how it was in the past where everything from Deep counts as a limitless range shot can be off dribble off the catch pull-ups whatever shot type as long as it's a couple steps behind the three-point line I have a clip here where it didn't activate even though it was very close and then another shot just slightly further that did activate confirming that shots on the line do not get the Boost now this year 2K is trying to reduce the amount of badge stacking so catch and shoot does not activate from Limitless anymore but the activation is pretty easy this year and the badge requires 99 3-point rating to unlock Hall of Fame so of course we had to test the Boost and see how good it was from range now we decided to test at a 92 3 ball because that's the threshold to get gold Limitless and generally higher three ball Shooters are on the hash now that's not to say mid 80s three ball can hit from deep but this made the most sense for this particular test now we'll look at 99 three point a little later in the video but for this test we took 200 shots for every 10 milliseconds throughout the green window at each badge level and without the badge to get a good understanding of the expected make percentage or well-timed shots and even slightly time shots from range now as you can see the Boost gets better and better for each badge level you have equipped having it on Hall of Fame is basically the same as shooting at the line now bronze isn't providing much but it's still better than no badge by about 10 percent and the real boost comes in at Silver where you may see a noticeable difference and could be a good value for low rated Shooters now golden Hall of Fame are crazy this year and if you plan on shooting the ball a lot you'll definitely want this badge as high as it goes this badge is s-tier with how easy it is to activate and how much spacing this badge actually provides now since 99 3 ball is very expensive and required to unlock the badge at Hall of Fame we decided to do another test by raising our three ball to 99 and redoing the Hall of Fame test to get a better comparison against gold Limitless with a 92 3-point we kept the Hall of Fame line with 92 3-point on this chart as reference points to see how much bigger the Boost is at 99 and as you can see Hall of Fame Limitless with 99 three balls sees a significant jump in getting this badge to Hall of Fame is well worth it if you plan on being a floor space and Sharpshooter now that is all we got for this Limitless range video guys it's back it's better than ever and if you found this video helpful don't forget to leave a like subscribe and turn those notes on for the most accurate badge Test on YouTube and with that being said I will catch you guys in the next video later