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NBA 2K23 Layup Controls Tutorial

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam happy holidays to you and feel free to use our code swishments for 20 off on our premium jumper service on so in this video I'll be showing you guys seven different layup triggers that comes with the game and also what badges they can activate when you do them against a Defender that's in position to contest your shot and on the badge information and data that I'll be discussing the details are actually already on our website if you want to check it out the video will also be there available specific to the batch so in regards to the packages we'll be using for this test you'll either see the James Harden layer package or the jar more rat and we'll begin first with the normal layout and to do this one simple you have to move and hold the right stick up while driving in close range obviously make sure you're pushing the left stick at the basket and no turbo and all of our layup attempts shot timing has been turned on because as we figured out that actually gives you a plus 40 to 50 boost versus contest when you do layups so make sure you can turn it on in the controller settings and most importantly if you do have short timing on you will also be able to trigger the Pro Touch batch which is going to further increase your make percentage versus contest not by a lot but it's going to boost it but obviously normal layups is something you can't rely on if there's a defender in your way they can test so now you're going to use the different triggers if you're not open so one of the best ones to do is the Euro Step layout and to do so you're just going to move the right stick to the right and then quickly move and hold it to the left while the ball is in your right hand doing this will actually allow you to trigger the acrobat badge alongside with Pro Touch because you have layup shot timing on and against the defender you can see perfectly avoiding him and it's going easily and another great layup trigger is the newly added scoop layup and to do this you're just going to move and hold the right stick to the left or right while driving in that instance that was a same hand scoop layup so I pushed it to the right while the ball is in the right hand and you can actually trigger a different kind of animation for your scoop layups if you trigger them farther away which is what I did here I was much above the Free Fall Line when I first did this and the animation is different from the previous one you saw where I triggered closer to the basket and the scoop layup is also rate versus if there's a defender in your way especially when there is contests here you see I did it and I was able to trigger the usual badges plus this time Giant Slayer because the defender here is actually four inches taller than me so this is going to further above my uh make percentage so that's great and also you can stack scoop layups with the clan breaker badge alongside Giant's layer Pro Touch acrobat and all of that so that's really going to help with your layout May percentage you also will see here this is a layer package scoop layer but I triggered it with the opposite hand that time now floaters are also great and to do so we're just going to move and hold the right stick down while driving in close range here's a more RAM floater the previous one was a hardened one and these are great because floated is also great for badge stacking here you see I was able to stack Giants layer with it I also got Pro Touch because I have the shot timing on and because of the context of the specific contest I was also able to trigger slivery which helps me protect the ball plus lower the contest percentage of the defender now we can also do hop layouts and to do so if the boys are your right hand you want to move it to the right and then quickly release it and then move it back to the right so the same direction while you're driving and that's going to give you the Hop and these hop gathers are great because by Nature just the way they are they're going to trigger a lot of badges as you'll see here and because they also make a lot of contact so Giant Slayer and springs as Pro Touch will help a ton And in regards to the Cradle layups they are also great for contact so move the right stick to the right then quickly move the right stick to the left while driving with the ball in the right hand that's going to give you that cradle animation you see and because of how it is that's going to draw a lot of contact and then you have the right badges such as acrobat especially uh slivery you can even trigger Fearless finisher depending on the situation but this is also going to help a ton by lowering the impact of the contact and the stamina drain and also increasing your bank percentage and finally we're at the reverse layer of where you move and hold the right stick to the right while driving along the right Baseline and if you're coming from the left then you know vice versa this is also great for triggering many badges and also going through contact so overall let us know what's your go-to layout trigger and what badges do you see stacking with your go-to trigger while you you know do them and if you actually do enjoy the more buffed up and layup style this year especially the game giving more emphasis to it so hopefully you enjoyed this video and as always thanks for coming by make sure to check out the website for more information and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon