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2K23 Best Controller Settings

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Best Controller Settings in 2k

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sam fam welcome back to the 2k lab channel today i'm going to show you some settings that's going to help you create a lot more layups in 2k 23. with slashing more effective in 2k 23 compared to last year's 2k22 the question of should i use game timing or user timing layouts it's a legit question we're going to help answer that for you today with the exact numbers between user timing versus game timing to set up your layout options you're going to go to options controller settings and if you want game timing you change your shot timing to shots only and for user timing layouts you want to change it to shots and layups and we do recommend you also change it to pro stick only while you do user layouts so let's dive into the numbers and i want to mention that the percentage you see on user timing that's the absolute ceiling so you have to be extremely good at the game to get to that number but it is possible if you put it to user timing so between the two on yellow contest game timing is about 30 percent less chance of going in compared to a user who is very good at it so this is essentially a skill gap setting because if you put in the time the results are worth it now let's take it up a notch and look at red contest numbers and as you can see on game timing the make percentage is only 5 versus a user who is elite at the skill would be 55 so that gap is large even if you're not great at user timing on red contest users having is much better so overall here are your numbers and one extra note i also want to put in is that a protest wasn't used in this testing so when we test out that batch we will also add that in and there's no comparison of open coverage well this is because there's no make percentage difference when it comes to shooting open layouts of either game timing or user time so the numbers are definitely significant and it's safe to say user timing is just way better than game timing and you should start putting some time into improving that skill and a little bit of bonus content for you uh if you're wondering about double clutch layups it doesn't matter if you set it to user or game as you finish your double clutch here is supposed to be user timing but because this window is so small on the second it just automatically becomes a game type so when you do do double crochet layouts even if you're using timing on don't expect your meter to bop because it's just gonna be game timing every time as you can see from the coverage so overall we definitely recommend you to work on this skill because that 30 plus gap is pretty significant granted it's gonna take you a while to get really good at it to get the full benefit but it is there the potential is there so definitely put some time into this if you plan to do a lot of layouts and as always thanks for coming by and we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon