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Best Dribble Moves: Kobe Size Up 2K23

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sanfa and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab Channel today we're gonna break down some animations on 2k23 in this video we'll be breaking down the Kobe Bryant's size of Escape package we're going to show you how you can trigger it consistently and one of the optimal kind of shots you want to get out of it in an online setting I'll also go into some of the little details on exactly what makes it so good and if you'd like to see more animation breakdown contents from us just get this video to 1000 likes and I'll do more of those so you guys also feel free to leave behind comments on animation specifically that you want us to look over for you so do that in the comments and I will focus on doing those ones first now let's begin by the control so what you want to do is no lipstick hold turbo inflict your rice stick diagonal up to the opposite hand so that was up left holding turbo now this is upright holding turbo but the key is no left stick at all so you have to do this on the standstill any left stick input will mess it up so no lipstick whole turbo flick it right stick diagonal upright or up left always opposite head now one of the biggest benefits is as you can see this chain really has low stamina cause and it doesn't cost adrenaline bar at all until you speed out of it and one of the best ways to take advantage of the speed boost is to speed boost same size so I have how turbo affect the diagonal upright now up left and then I'm Gonna Keep Holding On the turbo and push the left stick to the angle I want to go to speed boost out to the same side that I just hopped to and when combined with a fade this can create a lot of Separation so here alongside of a pick online setting user Defender just no chance right there separation was too large you can also do the momentum behind the back to go back to the other side so you can see me do the Kobe size of Escape Hops and then I did a momentum you can also go on first hop so you see here I'm holding turbo stand still figure diagonal upright and now I just get drive because he was biting under the screen and if you do this enough people will start showing hard on the opposite side so this synergizes very well with Fades when there's an opportunity to do so especially in this instance that was the KD fade that I love to do you can also use it to stun and open up drives but the key is no left stick while you're doing it okay any kind of elastic input will completely mess it up so I'll definitely have to hear what you guys take on the Kobe size Escape packages if you've been using it have you enjoyed it or you've been using it for years and it's just been so good for so long consistently also let us know in the comment section what other size of packages you like to use or you want us to look over 2K did add a lot of variety this year especially to these size of Escape packages and what kind of what moves you get out of them from standstill so it's worth a while to share the ones that look good or you can how you can make them effective there's always meta ones but if you know what you're doing majority of them can be kind of tricky and you can get some you know good buckets out of it so hopefully you enjoyed this and once again always make sure you check out our website and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon