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Best Dribbling Badges to Break Ankles in 2K

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video and this one we're going to be going over the killer combos badge and explain to you how and when it works according to Mike Wang this badge should be a combination of tight handles and quick chain but when we tested it there's some aspects of the badge that just didn't seem right there's been a lot of mystery surrounding this badge so we decided to get some concrete answers we got some help from former number two overall pick in the NBA 2K lead draft of so big shout out to Fab for helping make this happen we're gonna put his links in the description down below he really put this badge to the test and we got some great information to share with you guys so make sure to subscribe if you haven't already like the video without further Ado let's get right into it foreign [Music] to start the test we loaded up in the Gatorade court and launched a 2v2 we first wanted to see if Fab could confirm that the dribbling in the Gatorade facility felt the same as Park Rec and Pro-Am which he said it does we then had him spam a repeatable chain of dribble moves that activated the killer combos badge and we found that three right stick inputs within one second will consistently make the batch activate and any stun you get will also activate the badge now in the clips you just saw fadbad killer combos on gold and it seemed as dribble moves were pretty fluid we then had him remove the badge entirely and try the pattern again to see if it was now more difficult to repeat the same combo the badge description literally says that it improves a player's ability to chain together efficient dribble moves when sizing up their opponent so you would think that this badge allows you to chain your moves more quickly but it seems that it's just not the case if the windows to successfully perform the moves changed in any way it was not at all noticeable even with one of the best dribblers in 2k22 the difference between gold quick chain and no quick chain was incredibly easy to feel however in this case Fab city couldn't feel a difference at all the speed at which the moves were completed and the speed at which he could combo them didn't change which brings us to the second part of the badge this leaves the tight handles aspect of color combos because there's no way this badge does nothing right so to test this we recorded four straight possessions of full shot clocks of Fab trying to stun his Defender with the same combo we tested this a couple different times against players with low perimeter defense and then again with a player with high perimeter defense we're using gold killer combos here because that's the highest badge level fabhead on his Xbox player but the results of this test were pretty surprising as it seemed that the perimeter defense rating didn't prevent stuns in any way with both players getting consistently stunned at similar rates we then had Fab remove gold killer Combos and the stun stopped almost entirely with Fab getting zero stuns without the badge in five possessions compared to eight with the badge in the same amount of possessions now the results here were very clear and killer combos was absolutely providing more stuns proving and verifying that the tight handles aspect of this badge was still very much intact now we tried to cover every angle of this badge so to test it even further we had the defender equipped ankle braces on Hall of Fame and in our testing killer Combos and ankle braces appear to work as inverses of each other because when we had the defender equip Hall of Fame ankle braces it prevented the stuns almost entirely against gold killer combos we're going to dig deeper on ankle braces and how they work at each level compared to each level of killer combos but for now if you're trying to prevent yourself from getting stunned against good competition we recommend using ankle braces on the same level or higher than your opponent is using killer combos so ultimately if your goal is to get more stuns and you're really good with red stick dribble moves then killer combos is the badge you want to have equipped the ankle breaker badge seems to give more dramatic ankle breaking animations but they're still very rare to come across so if you're really hunting for those types of animations you should be using the ankle breaking shots takeover so just a little recap there's a few key takeaways from this video and if this badge has a quick chain element to it it's pretty subtle and we didn't see any evidence of it making it easier to chain moves together or speeding up dribbles in any way secondly perimeter defense rating won't help with getting stunned any less as ankle braces seems to be the only badge that can help mitigate the effects of killer combos so if you're an elite dribbler using it on Hall of Fame is a good idea to provide the most stunts if you you equip the badge and don't see it activate multiple times in a possession when you're dribbling and you aren't doing the right stick dribbles and quick enough succession and should probably skip this badge if you are going to equip it though try to get it on at least gold especially since it's tier 3 for most players this can be an S tier badge in the right hand and it can also be pretty worthless in the average player's hands now that is all we got for the killer combos badge breakdown if this video helped you or you learned anything new don't forget to hit that like button and leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts on this badge appreciate you guys for watching it's been spill and I will catch you guys in the next video later