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2K24 Killer Combos Badge Test

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NBA 2K24 Killer Combos Playmaking Badge

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is COA and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video we'll be going over what this badge does how to use this badge and if it's worth going for in the Builder there is some very useful information inside of this video and if you guys want to see more content like this make sure youall go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let's go ahead and get into [Music] it now the badge in the Builder is just described as improving a player's ability to chain together dribble moves when sizing up their opponent after reading this it would be safe to say that this badge allows you to chain together dribble moves or have more room for error whenever you're flicking your sticks performing in these dribble moves so our first test we went to see if we felt a difference between half killer Combos and no killer combos at all whenever we're performing our moves and we did not feel any difference in our combos between no badge and the Hall of Fame badge another theory is it made you dribble faster but again they look relatively the same speed when comparing no badge to the Hall of Fame Badge 2 for our next test we looked into the stun animations that you will receive with this killer combos badge starting off with Hoff killer combos against a 50 perimeter defense and no ankle braces we were receiving an average of two to three stun animations per 40sec shot clock performing the same three move combination over and over again for 40 seconds we also tested no killer combos badge against 50 defense and no ankle braces resulting in zero stun animations within 10 possessions again these are 40 second shot clock possessions so it's safe to say with no badge equipped you won't receive much if any stun animations up next we have Hall of Fame killer combos going up against a 99 perimeter defense but no ankle braces badge here we were still seeing very similar results as the 50 perimeter defense and no ankle braces badge averaging about two to three stun animations per 40sec shot clock so it's safe to say that high perimeter defense actually attribute alone does not protect you from these stun animations as a Defender then finally we took this batch to the ultimate test having Hall of Fame killer combos go up against Hall of Fame ankle braces and 99 perimeter defense this is when we finally seen a difference in the stun animations only getting two stun animations on my Defender within 1040 second shot clocks now Hoff ankle braces won't completely save you from being stunned but it will help a lot going up against this badge killer combos in conclusion this badge has been a key badge for ball handling point guards in previous years for 2K but coming into 2K 24 it's not very optimal trying to perform multiple dribble moves in front of a Defender the risk to reward ratio for getting the ball stolen but trying to go for stun animations really isn't there to benefit a ball handler even if your Defender wasn't a good Defender attribute wise with no ankle braces you're still only firing off one to two stun animations within a 24 second shot clock and that's not taking in account for the stamina that you will lose performing all of these dribble moves so we really can't just going for this badge in the Builder because it just doesn't benefit your build enough lastly if you guys are enjoying this badge testing content make sure youall drop a like and comment down below a badge that you want us to test next that all being said it's been kza and I'm out