How to Make a Kevin Durant Build on NBA 2K24: Best Build Tip Video

How to Make Kevin Durant in 2k24

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Best KD Build 2K24

Video Transcript:
what's up everyone this is Joey and welcome to the NBA 2K lab Channel today we are going to make a Kevin Durant build that is an elite scoring threat from all three levels combine this with the elite playmaking abilities of this build and you have a complete offensive player like the slim Reaper himself this build is also an excellent defender on the perimeter that can also block shots in the paint and with that being said let's start making this Kevin Durant build for the position on this build you can either go small forward or power forward I personally chose to go small forward but if you want to get the shades of Kevin Durant on this build you must go power forward now when it comes to choosing the perfect height for this Kevin Durant build I initially wanted to go 6'10 however after playing on other build Heights it became clear to me that 610s due to many badge and animation caps do not perfectly reflect the perimeter scoring capabilities of Kevin Durant so for this build I ended up going 6'9 which matches the height he was listed at during the earlier parts of his career in OKC we're going with the weight of 185 lbs so we can have as much speed and acceler ation as possible and for the wings span we went 7' one so we could provide good Rim protection while also having Elite shooting starting with the finishing we have an 88 driving layup which is going to get us Fearless finisher on gold which is going to help us hit contested layups in the paint more consistently combine that with other badges like scooper and Float game on Hall of Fame you will have multiple moves to go to when driving to the rim for driving dunk we are going with a 75 which is going to get us plenty of really good dunk packages which include athletic one-handers on one as well as the Luca do dunk package although you only have a 75 driving dunk you will be able to dunk the ball at The Rim consistently and under the right circumstances you can still get contact dunk animations with finishing takeover now for the Post control we went up to an 85 so we can get post fade Phenom on Hall of Fame which is going to Ally to hit post Fades and hop shots with a very high efficiency now moving on to the shooting for the mid-range we are going to put this up to a 90 so we can get both blinders and dead eyee on gold which are essential badges to have on a Kevin Durant build Combine that with gold magician and you have created an elite mid-range scorer just like KD now moving on to the three-point shot we have an 82 which is going to get you Claymore on gold and since we upgraded our mid-range to a 90 we also have gold catch and shoot which is going to help us be a super efficient shooter on our catch and shoot shots out at the three-point line when it comes to shooting threes off the dribble we can still knock down those shots with bronze agent threes which is a great bang for buck bronze badge this year especially when you combine this badge with Hall of Fame open looks for the free throw we went up to 71 just to get bronze free points badge so we can be more of a consistent free throw shooter for the playmaking we have a 75 pass accuracy which is going to get you access to Silver break starter which is a really nice badge to have when throwing the break for the ball handle we have an 80 which is going to unlock silver handles for days as well as gold physical handles which are both great playmaking badges for Speed with ball we went with 75 so we could get bronze Speed Booster and we also unlock a plethora of dribble styles that we can use on this build now there are some Elite combos that you could do on this build that I learned from my my friend kza who is an expert when it comes to dribbling on this game you can learn how to do these moves too with our dribble practice tool as well as our dribble animation grading system which requires a premium subscription at but you can get the subscription at a discounted price if you use cod Joey to get 20% off moving on to the defense we have an 85 perimeter defense for silver clamps which is going to allow you to be an elite defender on the perimeter we also have a 60 steel for bronze interceptors so we can get some passing Lane steals we are going to unlock a 61 interior defense as well as a 78 block which is going to be the requirement you need to unlock bronze anchor as well as silver chase down artist for the rebounding we went with a 77 in order to unlock Silver Box out beast and we also have bronze rebound Chaser unlocked now as you can see on this build there is a reason why we upgraded each attribute the way we did with nothing left to spare and for my personal experience this was one of my favorite builds that I have used so far this year now that is all we have for this Kevin Durant build if you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to check us out again for more builds Badges and jump shot tests and until next time peace