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Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam welcome back to the channel today we'll be showing you our newly updated premium jump shot data table alongside our new jump shot tester to help you green your shots the current 2K jump shot creator has a problem of showing you some information but not enough to help you fully understand what you're putting together with all the options you have and there are literally millions of combinations so when you do happen to put one together you're going to try it out you're going to start practicing you might green some but sometimes something like this happens when you feel it you can green it but you don't and this is happening because you don't really understand the full data picture plus you don't have the correct Practice still to work on your shot but thanks to your previous support on our jump shot recommender we were able to update the site to give you even more clear premium jumper data you see on the left and a newly created jump shot tester tool on the right where you can take the shot immediately in real time and get green window feedback down to the percentages and milliseconds and if you like to give this a try there will be a link in the description and this will be under the premium section and as always thank you for considering supporting this project it will mean a lot to us as it will allow us to further update it and continue to provide all the free content that we normally do for you guys so let's take a look on how all this works so you want to arrive to the premium jumper table and select the base you want and we have a huge selection of bases already on there so pick the one you like we'll be using the Kobe Bryant base as example for this case with the Klay Thompson and the Kobe release and here you can see the graph will pop up once you have selected That Base there are options of other ones and you will have all the information of all of these bases right so you have make percentage middlemate percentage to Green window and the green window percentage you can highlight over the graph to see uh what millisecond you're in the green window and then also what the make percentage could be and that's what all of the bases available you see up top so for the Kobe one we have four of them you can actually highlight multiple ones and see how they line up against each other and just go all the way to the left there's actually star rating that you guys can leave behind or other users can leave behind that you guys can use as feedback to try out the bases you like but once you have made the decision of which one you like so we'll be using the Kobe and Clay release with the Kobe base you can actually plug in your controller scroll down to the bottom and you can just start taking shots with your controller in real time and you're gonna get real-time feedback on your exact millisecond of your shot timing plus alongside if you're Greening the shot based on the jumper base and the release you have selected from up top so this would be the Kobe base with the Kobe release and the clay release so that's just shooting these you actually get a good rhythm of understanding okay what's my timing actually gonna need to be for the green window and you can see you can take as many shots as you want so you can have a huge sample so you can see as I'm taking more the green window is getting larger because I'm getting more familiar with the shot so with the premium jumper data available to you well you understand the green window and the make percentage fully plus this jump shot tool you're gonna have the beta and the practice you need to get your shot just right or to find the perfect one for yourself so you can green as much as possible so thank you for your consideration of supporting this project and once again it's going to help us further grow it and also continue to provide all the free content we do for you guys on YouTube on Tech talk and shorts and everything really on the badges so as always thanks for coming by if you guys any questions leave in the comment section let us know how you feel about the updates and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon