Best Dribble Moves NBA 2K24 Season 3 : Iverson Best Sigs + A Video

NBA 2K24 Best Season 3 Dribble Moves

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NBA 2K24 Season 3 Dribble Moves

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is kza and welcome back to another 2K Lab video now season 3 has just arrived so we got some new wck jerseys we got some new rewards for the new season and we also got some new dribbling animations and those dribbl animations are coming from Alan Iverson so we're going to take a deep five into our thoughts on these new dribble animations so if you're ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like let's get into [Music] it so starting off with the dribble Dribble Styles style Allan Iverson now this dribble style really wasn't too bad his towards the ball hand speed boost wasn't the greatest but his cross launch is almost as good as Magic Johnson's cross launch for those Wing players so this dribble style is almost like a Magic Johnson's dribble style for those smaller players 64 and under as you can see right here we get the cross launch animation multiple times faking out our Defender now moving into the Allan Iverson size up this is actually not a bad size up to use he has a lot of good animations within this and it chains together moves fairly nicely the only bad thing that I would say is the crossover stand still animation that you get with this but if you stick with his fast in between the legs and his behind the backs they chain together pretty quickly and you see again we take off with that dribble style that cross launch animation to get to the basket now onto his regular breakdown combo I'm not going to sugar coat it this might be one of the worst animations in the game it's definitely one of the worst regular breakdown combos he really only does one move here and this this wide really stiff crossover it was really hard to get open it felt like a chore whenever I was trying to use this move but moving on to Aggressive Breakdown Combo his aggressive breakdown combo this was something I could work with he fakes left he fakes right multiple times you can pick when to burst out of this single animation and this was something that I could actually deal with the breakdown combos in general are pretty much just per reference you don't see them used in the highest competitive settings but they are pretty fun to use and having an animation that's new and that's good to use just keeps that Escape Combo refreshment within the game now moving on to his Escape moves this again is another very good move it's just his crossover his turbo Cross isn't really the best it's not up there with Kimo Walker or Trey young but this one only has an 80 ball handle requirement so this could be a good budget animation to go with with those lower ball handle guard builds using this I still combo moves together fairly quickly and I still feel explosive using this Escape moves package and not only can you flow in combo moves together you can burst out of these turbo moves these Escape moves as you guys see right there I do a turbo in between the legs and I burst out of that move fairly quickly so again it might not be up there with the Kimo Walker or the Trey young Escape moves packages but again an 80 ball handle for those budget all handle guard builds this could be a very nice goto moving on to the combo moves this really wasn't that good of a move we're kind of like bouncing back and forth between good moves and bad moves this really wasn't you know another move that it felt like a chore to try to incorporate into my game to try to get a bucket so there are definitely better options out there for those combo moves onto the crossover this one's another one hard to justify not because it's a bad animation but just because most of the moving crossovers that we have within 2K 24 have the same exact moving crossover animations so it's pretty similar to a lot of the other crossovers now this one the behind the back has a very good moving behind the back move now his standing behind the back move isn't the greatest right you could still get open off it you can still you know be Shifty with it but his moving behind the back is what gets def fenders looking silly as you see right there though if you're more of a get to the rim type of guard more of a drive and kick more of a slashing type of guard this could be a very good move to implement in your game going into season 3 but that is going to wrap up all of the new season 3 Allan Iverson animations that we received let me know your guys's thoughts down in the comments below are you guys going to try out these moves or you just going to keep a pushing with what you guys have on make sure youall drop a like subscribe to the channel I'll catch you on the next one