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What does Interceptor do in 2k24?

Video Transcript:
if you clicked on this video you're either a big fan of NBA 2K lab and the boys or you just want the best and most accurate badge stats available and I can't blame you for that but I'm guessing it's the second one because almost 70% of people watching this video aren't even subscribed to the channel so if you're looking for the most in-depth badge stats the best builds and jump shot stats be sure to subscribe to NBA 2K lab and turn noties on and let's get right into this [Music] video Interceptor is a tricky badge this year because Lane steals have definitely seen a significant Nerf from 2K 23 sometimes this badge can work really well but other times it doesn't but positioning your player in the sweet spot for these steals is more crucial than ever in NBA 2k 24 and it plays a huge part in steel success now to test Interceptor we wrote a script that would have the controller pause for 1 second and then throw the pass to a player in the corner that consistent pause allowed us to pick up the second controller and be prepared to steal the ball to get consistent results we made sure that the defensive player was always standing to the left of the white line on the court artwork and we consistently got dive steel attempts to record we wanted to check steel attempts right at the edge of the steel range because if we were positioned too well we could get to Steel every single time even without the badge now these attempts were all using the steel button and not the right stick but we plan on doing a similar test for right stick Ripper as well we didn't just take note of these steals we recorded four different outcomes and charted them to see how each badge level Stacks up against each other and these results may surprise you the four outcomes we recorded were clean steals tip steals tips and misses now looking at the chart and starting with Hall of Fame you can see great results with a 47% clean steel rate out of 100 passes now this is obviously a great badge level but the 95 steel to obtain Hall of Fame is a fairly big investment this badge level will be more suited for dedicated locks and defensive power forwards playing that back end but as we get to the gold level which only requires an 89 steel rating we can see solid value as it provided a clean steel rate of 36% out of 100 passes the gold level of Interceptor still isn't the most reliable but it's far better than the levels below it making it a badge worth targeting looking at the silver and bronze levels though these results came out very similar with the bronze level actually getting two more clean Steels than the silver level we're going to chalk this up to RNG and just say that these badge levels are very similar while bronze provides the most value by only needing a 60 steel rating and still providing similar results we made one last chart and added clean Steals and tip steals together for the total steals from this test and to recap Hall of Fame shows a huge boost gold shows solid value while bronze and silver looked about the same now that is all we got for the Interceptor badge test and if you found this video informative a simple like on the video would be greatly appreciated and I want to thank you all for watching it's Ben spill and I'm out later