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Dribbling Badges on NBA 2K23: Hyperdrive Test

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about the best playmaking badges on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be breaking down the hyperdrive batch in detail we'll show you the speed percentage increase it gives you at each batch level and also how to activate it so the previous comparison they all look kind of the same but if you look into it in detail there is a minor frame speed difference but since we're talking playmaking and dribbling a one to three frames difference is a big deal that's the difference between getting cut off and getting buyer Defender and an 8 frames difference between Hall of Fame and no badge is nothing to sneeze at so if you look at it by percentage between Hall of Fame and no batch is about a 10 increase while bronze silver and gold is pretty close but silver does have a little bit of a jump and gold and silver is relatively close and going no batch on bronze is probably the biggest jump but when it comes to hyperdrive though the Hall of Fame level is where it performs the best and in regards to activation obviously hyperdrive triggers when you're doing dribble moves while moving so here we're moving we add in that extra dribble move while we're going and hyperdrive triggers and you can see here with our momentum behind the back standing still it doesn't pop up but if we start moving and then do it behind the back even with turbo however Drive will also trigger and if you're standing still doing side to side crossovers or even sidestep escapes going side to side it won't pop however if you hold turbo and do a forward size of Escape it will pop and also a double flick right stick attack size up will also pop and another interesting situation is that it will pop out of the Triple Threat if you do the spin move as you can see right there and if you stay this far into the video make sure you in the comment section type in either fast or slow to let us know you stay till the end plus also let us know how you feel about if the hyperdrive badge is fast or slow for you so overall if you're a guard coming in the hyperdrive batch is gonna pop up a ton for you as you play throughout really any possession in the game and at the hall of fame level it is going to give you a real burst that you can feel when it's compared to bronze or silver and silver and gold is relatively close so the decision is up to you but if you want the most out of this badge definitely try to invest all the way up for the Hall of Fame level and if you'd like to see more tests from us make sure you go to for more details as always is Professor coming by and we hope to speak to you guys again very soon