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Fastest Shooting Badge Method

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam happy holidays to you and feel free to use our code swish Mist with 20 off on our premium jumper service on so in this video I'll be showing you guys a new shooting badge method that's going to guarantee you at least one shooting batch Point per 20 minutes and we'll break down the method to you and its counter in detail and here are the animations you need for the size of Escape you need LeBron or KD and make sure for the Hop jumper you grab Jays and tatums if possible but LeBron and KD size up will work and then for your badges you can start off the tl1 with volume shooter and then you can also get Space Creator to start and if you want to know the details of each batch level and above you can search our YouTube channel for more details but as you go up in tears and you get more batch points and you want to get green machine as high as possible and then you want to get agent 3 to go along with it but obviously when you start up with the method you can also do it with no badges but as you progress those are the best badges to get and you also want to get all reliable as it will make our methods even more efficient so method number one where we're gonna start volume agent and green machine and you can also do it without badges but you want to call a screen from your Center have them set the screen so you can attack the empty wing dribble over the screen but then your goal is to attack the Hedge Defender and bring him into the elbow so when you after you turn the corner you can go slower you just gotta walk the Hedge Defender into the elbow and then you want the whole turbo flick your right stick down that's going to give up your LeBron or KD size of escape and once that animation triggers this is the LeBron size up you want to hold square already so you're holding Square when the animation is happening so then you will land and shoot immediately and that separation is going to get you an open free every single time so from this point on it's just your timing your ratings and your badges and you can do this with low ratings and you know no badges because it's a wide open shot but you do want to attack the empty Wing every single time you can call it Center screen and then if you do make contact with the hash Defender don't worry same thing walk them slowly into the elbow area make sure both of your feet is in the mid-range and then you hop back out that's going to bring you right at the free point line and then you just hold square as the animation is playing when you know you can shoot it then you just like go and shoot uh you can call the power forward too if the slower hedge Defender is the power forward the majority of the time is going to be the center but that half separation as you turn to That Elbow slowly it's going to draw the head and that hop away the Hedge Defender because it's a big guy right he's not going to be able to close out on it so same thing you slow about it and if the onboard Defender recovers it ends up being a contest but if your badges are high enough as you level this up you'll also make contested shots super style Hall of Fame rating doesn't work fine if you go lower ratings you're gonna hit all your freeze but then you're not going to get as many points but it works on all levels because as you can see that separation is consistent and it's insane now the counter to this is if you don't get it method number two helps you stack space Creator volume and green machine so here I don't have the Hop shot so I'm gonna in immediately head to the same side corner I'm going to call for the center screen again I'm gonna dribble into the corner and I'm going to size up escape to the right so towards the Baseline size of Escape there and then immediately turbo back out and then hold your right stick down which is going to give you the Hop jumper and in this case this is the Tatum animation and because it is a hot jumper it's going to help you trigger space Creator and all of these badges are gonna stack together and once again you could do it without the badges but I just you get batch points of doing the method right you want to guess bass Creator just so you can counter away from method number one you're gonna get a lot of open freeze with the LeBron Escape or the KD Escape but in the instance where it doesn't work out you know you don't want to waste any time and we're not gonna pass the ball because we're grinding badges so you can flow right into the corner method but if method number one is there take it but if not as you can see from this incident that method number one didn't really work too great I didn't want to take the shot so I just immediately had to wash the corner and do method number two size and makes the game do the Hop jumper trigger space creator beautiful shot all right so get this down and it's going to help you grind up your shooting badges pretty quickly it's also going to help you get your timing down for your shot you can do it with or without the shot meter but as you level up in batch points you want to get volume Green Machine agent free and space Creator because they are stabbed so make sure to come to the site at and you can even use our promo code for 20 off the premium Super Service as always thanks for coming by and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon