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2k23 Best Shooting and Playmaking Badge Grinding Method

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is sam fam welcome back to the 2k labs channel today i will show you how to get shooting badges and play making badges fast on 2k23 and as you can see from the results the method got us close to 100k my points with plenty of shooting and playmaking if you want to see the full method where we also show you defense and finishing just get this video to 5 000 likes and i'll post that right away we'll also discuss the modifier buffs at the end of the video so you can get those modifiers also so let's begin by showing you our method on getting pull up freeze and ideally you want to play on the lakers lakers the perfect team for this so head to that exact spot with the ball and then ask for a screen from your center or close this big man and then exit out to shoot that one tree just like that so when you have the ball ideally you want to ask for the screener especially if the screener is behind you kind of like a d here he's kind of trailing you use that screen always exit out to that empty spot up around the wing around the hash up top here and then be confident shooting this pull up and over time you'll get you get the open looks making the choices about timing so you can see the same thing again lebron's playing center that's how you want the lakers for this he gets to the ball you head to that corner-ish area as of the screen lebron was actually behind trailing you so there's a perfect kind of screen angle coming in you exit out and that shot's going to be there for you a ton now if you're not a great dribbler and you're an off-ball player don't worry you can do another method this is the pop for freeze method perfect for off-ball players so make sure play on the lakers again get the ball to the playmaker you need make sure you set the screen on the side that sends the playmaker driving to as least help as possible and then you're going to pop out whole turbo if you need to on that open space and get to that spot as quickly as possible same thing that corner left side is open to set the screen make sure lebron gets to go that side and then when you pop make sure you just go a straight line as possible terrible out and run to a spot the path will drag you to an open area but make sure when you pop terrible and just run a straight line to the free point as quickly as possible so same thing set the screen on the right because there's more space to the right for lebron here to drive and when you pop hold turbo and just run a straight line to the three-point line and the playmaker's pass is gonna drag you there and then you should be open to take a lot of these shots so this is also another great method that you want to pop out for free same thing left side more open so set the screen for lebron on that side and as you pop hold turbo run a straight line if you can and get to that spot and lebron or the playmakers pass usually directly that you don't have the terrible order tab on the pop but it's better if you can just get to the 3.9 as quickly as possible in a straight line while you pop if you can so same thing left screen this end up being a double screen don't worry about it just run to your spot and take that shot now if you miss it you miss it but that's a great method to get pop open freeze let's talk about the playmaking badges so you're gonna keep running the corner pick and roll method but the defense will adjust or you can adjust too but ideally get to that spot make sure the screener is at least below you so you get to go up top and obviously you can take the pull of three if you want but if not you can wait a little bit read the hedge defender see how he plays it get to the elbow area and then slow down to follow up these lobs and another effective way to do this is to just legit run the same corner pick and roll method you're also gonna get plenty of assist because you're gonna be so good doing that they're just gonna double you at that point you're just gonna make the read right but that corner picker number was key run everything off there first and your shooting is going to open up and so were the playmaking opportunities we need to have hedge defenders see how they play it if you don't want to take the open shot don't worry about it cover the screen again get back to that corner area break point spot and if you're looking for the law but it's not there just make the read the mid range is fine too so read that hedge defender but that starting spot is key and here you can see you can also call for screens from your athletic guards drive head to the opposite elbow slow down at the elbow and just wait for it and you should be able to get these lobs because the hash defender is going to read when you slow down and that's going to open up that lane and in transition if you have the opportunity always leave the middle open while you have the ball and just sprint down court and just chase these transition lobs lakers are good for this but lakers ideal team but you can also get another team with solid playmaker and just athletic players you can throw lobs to now let's focus on the modifier so obviously as you get better at the method you can use this on hall of fame but what you want is also the coach graves practice completion which also gives you a nice five percent little boost after every game so if you get this you want to complete the quest my points accelerator and to do this you're gonna do three coach drills make sure you get completed and define the coach drills just make sure after every game you go check at the practice facility if the coach has that symbol over the head that means you got the coach drill ready to go make sure you do that so check after every game or once in a while to make sure you don't miss these get it done as quickly as possible once you have them free you will get your five percent and they add up over time by a ton considering how many you know games you play to try to get these bass points all right so hopefully this helped you guys out and once again try to get this video to 5 000 likes and i'll release the rest of the method for defense and finishing as always thanks for coming by and we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon