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Best Badge Grinding Method for Finishing and Defense

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Fastest Method for Defense and Finishing Badge Grinding

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam fam and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about how to get Badgers fast on NBA 2k23 so as promised this video we have today is going to help you get your defensive and finishing Badges and as you can see the overall my point number is huge and if you want to see the entire method just make sure you go to our Channel and click on this thumbnail right here and this one is going to give you the rest of the method that comes with the shooting and the play making and also later today speed will be releasing his first build video in 2k23 this year and it's a all-around freeway level score build with rebook you don't want to miss it so make sure you go to the channel later today to check it out so let's begin by looking at how you can get defensive badges or batch points fast what you want to do is you want to bait out jumpers from your match up and you want to close out to contest to get a ratings boost so ideally you want to do this while you're on the Lakers and what you want to do is you want to stay in motion while you're off ball so when you're off ball stay in motion so that it will bait out these passes to the shooter that you're guarding but because you're in motion you'll be able to quickly recover and contest the shot especially with turbo so bait out the shot leave an open passing Lane but be in motion the whole time wow you're waiting that out so give up space but don't stand still you can see our guy wolf do it just that here he's giving up that space but he's never moving still he's in high motion so when the ball is being passed he can chase it down and contest it stay in motion use your momentum to close out you see that bail out the path on the left side there faded Out Bait it out and then close out as you need right there that's still a contest and that's going to give you decent rating boost good shot good times about that as you can see got up to the B minus on that top right corner right there and when you get stops there's run in transition try to run to the corner freeze and that's going to give you some easy looks and you want to be extra aggressive too with it if you match up you know it's someone that has a slow jumper so we have just that here so when you're facing a shooter or just a regular player on your matchup that you have a definitively a much slower jumper you can even do this probably twice as aggressively so overall stay in motion go up all let them catch it and just you're really chasing for the contest you don't even really need to block but if you continue to play this way you will get some blocked so beta motion defense plus the shooting method we showed you earlier and you do this till you get team tick once you get team Tech you can change it up even more to get more locks so when you're on teamtech make sure you're controlling the best playmaker and then you can use your own my player as the screener and this is going to get you a lot of finishing badge points this is kind of the finishing method that works well with the defense so you want to drive to the Elbow let your own by player roll to the rim get to the elbow and stop and just throw up these lobs the Lakers and the team you want to choose for this because LeBron gets to play center but he's kind of like a center point guard so it's op because any position you're my player plays is fine LeBron's going to be drawing the other team Center wow he runs pick and roll with you so there's gonna be no Center guarding the paint because LeBron draws that guy out and you're gonna get plenty of these laughs and you can see it play out here again once again let your playmaker hold the ball and if you don't have LeBron it's fine you can also use a point guard it's just LeBron it's the best version of this because he drags on all the big guys but if you have Team Takeover from all the defense you can still throw a little Ops non-stop that's gonna get you plenty of finishing and while your Team Takeover also make sure you put your team in the half court trap setup in the defensive setup if you do that you want to play off ball as your my player and what's going to happen is the half court trap is going to make your teammates double team the ball and as they do that it's gonna let you play in the passing Lanes completely playing off ball kind of like a free safety you can go for steals you can just open up Lanes go for blocks and if anything you can just force the bad shots and just play off ball and get into good defensive rebound Precision so that half court trial is going to help you a ton and if you get the ball back back to the blobs all right so you want to see the full method you can go to our Channel and also check out the method for the shooting and the playmaking with all four of these methods combined you'll be able to do them all simultaneously within one game and that's going to get you plenty of my points to get all the batch points you need alright as always thanks for coming by and we look forward to speak to you guys again very soon